Non- Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Creating holiday traditions with family is one of my favorite things to do for all occasions. One thing we started doing when the kids were born was Easter baskets. This is something we love doing and putting some thought into to make them special, age-appropriate and to cater to their personalities and the things they love.

Every time Easter comes around the aisles at the store get overwhelming with so many items to choose from and I kept noticing how most things were sweets. There is nothing wrong with adding candy to the Easter basket, however as parents, we like to
focus on using fillers that will be used and last more than just one day. If you are a new parent, have nieces or nephews or just want to surprise a friend, here are some age-appropriate non-candy ideas for Easter baskets I am sure you will love.

Babies and Toddlers:

This is one of my favorite stages as a parent, because honestly, you can do no wrong and
contrary to belief there are so many items you can add to their baskets without getting sweets. These non-candy ideas are sure to make their Easter basket very special.

These are some of my favorites:

1. Bubbles.
2. Spring or Easter themed board books.
3. Teethers.
4. Spring patterned bibs.
5. Honey stick crayons made of beeswax which are safe for toddlers in case they try to eat
6. Finger paint or bathtub paint.
7. Musical shaker eggs.
8. Sun hat.
9. Bath toys.
10. Stuffed Animals.

Elementary Kids:

Shopping for Elementary aged kids can seem like a tough task. However, they are still at an age where so many things can be interesting and fun and you know them best on the things they like and don’t like.  They will enjoy these non-candy Easter basket ideas.

Some of my favorite items are:

1. Sidewalk chalk.
2. Squishmallows, the small ones are cute and fit in Easter baskets.
3. Temporary tattoos.
4. Play foam or Playdough
5. Arts or crafts items such as coloring books, markers, stickers…
6. Sunglasses.
7. Duplo blocks.
8. Outdoor toys like sprinklers or water balloons.
9. Board games.
10. Bracelet making kit.

Older Kids and Teens:

This one might require a bit more patience, since teens tend to change their mind more often about the things they like. I see this as a fun way to think about the things you loved as a teen. What are some things you were into?

Here are some things that might work:

1. Cute face masks for a little teen self-care.
2. Lip smackers (yum).
3. Hair accessories.
4. Sports items such as soccer ball, basketball or fan shop items to rep their favorite teams.
5. Legos.
6. Nerf guns.
7. Gardening set.
8. Bath bombs.
9. Books.
10. Funko Pop!

Easter Basket Tips

-Check Bullseye playground or the Dollar tree for cute inexpensive finds. No need to spend so much money if you can score some deals.
– Re-use your Easter basket! Find cute woven baskets at TJmaxx, Dollar Tree, Target… and use them again throughout the year for other occasions or save for next Easter.
-Create personalized name tags to add to each basket. Places like Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree usually have wooden tags you can tie to the baskets and write the kid’s names in chalk.

Have Fun Filling Those Easter Baskets

There are so many possibilities to use for fillers and this should be something fun for you to
create for the kids. Although you may choose to add some candy, I hope these non-candy ideas can help you find a few new ideas. Remember that no one expects perfection and that is the thought that counts, your kids will love whatever you choose for them!

I hope you have a beautiful Spring and a very joyful Easter!

By VCMC Writer: Daniella Horne

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas


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