Valentine’s Day is a day to focus on and spend time with those you love.  Romantic dinners or a special date night might be in the plans this Valentine’s Day, but I am sharing fun games to to do with your kids or family.  Here is a list of  5 Valentine’s Day Games that you and your children can play together.

Valentine’s Day Games

Musical Hearts 

What you need: Construction paper, markers or crayons, and music

Set-up: Cut out several dozen paper hearts of any size. On the back of the paper hearts, write a specific command, such as “Find a Blue Pillow”.   Arrange the paper hearts with the writing side down in a circle on the floor. 

How to Play: This game is much like Musical Chairs. Once the hearts are placed in a circle on the floor, ask the child or children to start moving in a circle as soon as the music starts. When the music stops, a child should be on a heart.  Have the child look at what is written on the heart and perform that task. 

Minute to Win it Game: SWEET LIKE CANDY!

What you need: Paper plates, a paper or plastic straw, M&M’s or Candy Conversation Hearts. 

Set-Up: Give each child two paper plates. Place a handful (or two) of M&M’s/Candy Hearts onto one paper plate and place the other one next to it.  Give each child a straw. 

How to Play: The object of this game is to use your straw to suck up as many M&Ms/Candy Hearts and transfer them to the other paper plate as you can in a minute. The child with the most candy on the second plate wins! 

BONUS Game:  Use these same objects and see how many M&M’s/Candy Hearts you can stack onto your straw in one minute. It is a LOT harder than it sounds! 

Valentines “What I Love”  Game

What you need: Construction paper in different colors, and pen or marker. 

Set-up: Cut out about a dozen or more paper hearts. On the back of each heart, write a topic. (i.e. Family or School). On SOME (not all) of the paper hearts, draw a heart next to the topic.  Arrange these paper hearts in a circle or heart shape on a table or floor with the writing face down. 

How to Play: The first person chooses a heart and flips it over. They will then say 3 things they LOVE about the topic. For example, the topic is Family. The player will say “I love my brother. I love my sister. I love my dog”. They will then keep the heart. If the paper heart has a heart on the back of it, that person receives one point. The first player to collect three hearts wins the game!  

I SPY Valentines Day Game

What you need: Print Valentine’s Day picture Sheets, question sheet & cheat-sheet. 

How to Play: Click on the link above to access and print out the I SPY picture game we have created just for you! See how many pictures you can find in a certain amount of time. For example, how many hearts and balloons can you find in two minutes? Have fun! 

Cupid Tag

What you need: Paper Valentines, pen/marker, bag or bucket with handle, and a cut pool noodle.

Set-Up: Write an exercise on the Valentines (i.e. Run in place for 20 seconds).  Best played outdoors. 

How to Play: Players stand on the edge of a large outdoor play area.  These players are the “Hearts”.  One player is selected to be “Cupid” and given an arrow (cut pool noodle) to use for tagging.

For this game, select another player to be the Valentine’s Fairy. Give the chosen Valentine’s Fairy a bag full of Valentines in a bucket or bag.  Each Valentine has an activity written on it for the students to perform. 

Cupids & Valentine’s Fairy stand in the center of the playing area. On “Go!”, the “Hearts” move about the area while the “Cupids” attempt to tag players.  If a player is tagged by the Cupids, they fall “asleep” (they stand in place/sit on the ground).

As soon as the Valentine’s Fairy sees a “Sleeping Heart”, they deliver a Valentine to the sleeping players, in order to wake them up.  If a sleeping player receives a Valentine from the Fairy, they must perform the exercise on the card in order to get back in the game.

Let’s Play

Your children will love playing these different Valentine’s Day games! And we hope it makes them feel loved. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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