Confession Time

I have a confession. This is not about your typical date night. This is about a different kind of date. I love planning dates with my kids! I love surprising them and making them feel special. It’s fun giving them hints and letting them guess what we will be doing. My son will even, willingly, wear a button down shirt and fedora. He will let my husband spray him with cologne. I love how my daughter will plan all of the things that she wants us to do and looks forward to it for weeks.

Not a Typical Date Night

When I was six, my mom started taking me on one-on-one dates. It was just the two of us. We would go to fancy restaurants with white tablecloths for brunch. Then we would head to an upscale department store to try on beautiful hats. I loved this one-on-one time with her. Looking back, my mom had a lot on her plate. My dad worked on Saturdays and I was one of three children (two more came along later). This time with her was precious because it was just the two of us. I felt special because I knew that she wanted to spend time with me.

Prince Charming

I couldn’t wait to plan a date night with my own children. When my son was almost three, I took him on our first date. My husband dressed him up, sprayed him with cologne and told him how special our time together was going to be. We ate burgers, fries and shakes at Johnny Rockets. We talked about his preschool, all of his favorites, and how much I loved him. Before we watched the live action Cinderella movie in the theater, he looked at me and told me that I was his princess and he was going to dance with me at the ball. He snuggled me throughout the entire movie. He felt special. So did I. It was just the two of us and my time wasn’t divided between him, my husband, and my daughter.

Are you kidding me?

During a Pandemic, this sounds like a crazy thing to plan a date night. Date nights are especially challenging for everyone right now. How can I plan a date with my kids? About six months into the Pandemic, I could tell that my kids needed that one-on-one time with us. My husband and I each took a kid and went to separate areas of the house. I played old school video games with my son (the only kind I know how to play!) and lost Monopoly by a landslide while my husband played restaurant and video games with our daughter. They were so happy to have our full attention for that afternoon. Even an hour of one-on-one time can make all the difference during this difficult time.

As life gets busier, it is harder and harder to find time for these dates, but it is so worth it. I learn so much about my kids when we have one-on-one time together. They aren’t vying for my attention or taunting each other. They are soaking up precious time with someone who is focused on them.

Planning My Next Date Night

As I type this, I am committed to planning another date night. I think a night of at home pedicures, coloring and baking chocolate chip cookies is just what my daughter and I need right now.





  1. Wonderful ideas Stephanie; actually reminds me of your mother. I have felt very fortunate to have followed you and your family for the 30+ years or so. Keep on writing, you have a good sense of capturing your audience.

  2. Thank you so much! I have wonderful memories of spending time at your house and eating your yummy homemade bread! ❤️

  3. Steph – You are such an amazing person! I love that you are writing these articles. They are perfect!!! Thank you!

  4. Beautiful article about ensuring that each of your children feels special. You and Volker do such an amazing job of making sure that each of your children feel valued and special every single day…even in a pandemic! What great role models you both are!

  5. Great way to enjoy parenting for both Mom and Dad. Your children will remember the life values imparted to them through the processes of fun time spent individually with them. Really proud of your commitment to family and love of your family!

  6. What a great idea and beautifully written, Steph! These special moments will be fondly remembered by your kids forever.

  7. Loved this! So special that you are able to carry on a traditional that started with your mom. I’m sure your children will remember these special dates and carry it on to their children as well!


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