One winter break my husband and I taught my two daughters how to ride bikes.   It was actually their Christmas present. Several years back I tried to teach them how to ride. It was an epic fail!! We managed to buy them one bike to share. Our mission was if they both learned how to ride the one bike, we would buy another bike in the near future. Well, that never happened and the bike ended up becoming a rusted piece of clutter in our backyard.

Epic Fail 

I kind of felt embarrassed that they weren’t successful with learning how to ride a bike. Secretly in my mind, they weren’t real kids. Back in the day most kids knew how to ride a bike by age 8 or 9. But this new technology has made children stagnant.  As adults we haven’t been any better. 

But now with limited options to go to. We have had to figure out ways to make home life more exciting. Everyone had reached their peak level of burnout. Electronics had even become somewhat……..boring! 

A lot of the time, back then we had to teach ourselves how to ride a bike. And now kids are taking even longer to drive a car. I heard the average kid that gets their driver’s license now is of adult age!! I can attest, my son just got his at 20 years old!! He actually didn’t care when he started his first job that he had to walk 4 miles each way to work!! He would literally walk home from work and start playing video games with his friends!!  

I will say it will definitely make for a great story for him to tell his grandkids. Yes, I had to wear a face mask during my driving test!  

Stop And Smell the Roses

I’m hoping now we create a better norm. Let’s stop and smell the roses longer.  So we took the time to teach our daughters how to ride a bike.

If we weren’t in quarantine, I hate to admit we most likely wouldn’t have made the time again to teach our daughters to ride bikes. Our lives were too busy. Or were our priorities just out of order.  

Now to think in a few years we will have to teach them how to drive also. Something we would really love to procrastinate for a lifetime. I’ll just continue to smell the roses. 


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