I’m sure as new parents we believe we are going to remember every minute of our little ones. Fast forward 13 years later; I don’t! I would be lying if I said I did. Their blood curdling screaming cries in the middle of the night. I thought they were permanently tattooed in my brain. There were nights I thought I would have a brain aneurysm. My brain and sanity could not possibly deal with a prison sentence of belting cries from not one but two babies!!

But something in me, told me this would not last forever!! Thank God!!  Yes time really does go by fast!

A Different Time

Now as my daughters’ grow older, their cries are now filled with more laughter and more smiles. But I have honestly forgotten what their cries sounded like.

The saying is true. They do grow up too fast. Time really does go fast.  In the past two weeks my daughters’ have both managed to mistakenly wear my clothes. My one daughter had to know the jeans she tried on were twice her size!! They were predominately longer and too baggy. The crazy thing is if she weighed 50 more pounds, they would have fit her like a glove! My gut tells me she knew those were not her pants. If I was a gambling man, she chose to wear those because she knew she needed to do her laundry!

Double Take

Having mirror twins can definitely be comical. Because two weeks later my other double did the same identical thing!! Was she really sitting in my living room doing her online classes wearing my shirt like it was her own? She laughed from embarrassment but not really shocked.

This reminds me of an episode on the Cosby Show. Now, please forgive me I haven’t seen this episode in years. But what I vaguely remember is Cliff Huxtable looking for one of his ties. He’s searched high and low and ends up finding out his kids have all been borrowing his clothes unbeknownst to him. 

The Memory

I may not vividly remember their cries anymore. But I will definitely remember them mistakenly taking my clothes for their own for years!! The memory will always remind me that time really does go by fast!




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