To My Graduate:

I wish you confidence to relentlessly chase your dreams even when they scare you.

I wish you peace to recalibrate and reconnect.

I wish you the laughter that bonds you with new friends for life.

I wish you courage to push through anxiety and doubt.

I wish you resilience on the hard days to get up and try again.

I wish you joy that creates memories that live in your heart forever.

I wish you a best friend like the one I found in college.

I wish you faith to see past the present problem and to trust that your purpose will find you and lead the way.

I wish you forgiveness for the mistakes you and others may make along the way.

I wish you safety everyday in every way.

I wish you love that lasts and is true.

I wish you work ethic to push through the hard times and come through the other side.

I wish you comfort knowing home is always home and I am only a phone call away.

I wish you the intuition to pick your inner circle wisely.

I wish you the willingness to try new things.

I wish you the opportunity to explore the world.

I wish you a warrior heart to fight for the things you believe in.

I wish you a career that you love and makes a difference in this world.

I wish you the life that you imagine.

I See You

As you walk across that stage, I know I will still see the baby girl who loved to be held, the little girl who was scared to go into Kindergarten, the girl who overcame her anxiety to sing solos, run for student government, perform in plays and pursue the things she loves.

I will see you up late, going the extra mile in hopes of achieving the better grade. I will remember you taking the initiative to get your driver’s license, work that first job and volunteer at community service projects.

Most of all, I will see your heart that changed mine in every way. That great big heart with so much love and compassion to share. I will see a person who changed my world and made my every wish come true.


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Tamara was born and raised in Southern California. She obtained her B.A. in Political Science & Sociology from Pepperdine and still identifies enthusiastically with her status as a “Wave.” After undergrad she attended Southern Methodist University Law School in Dallas, Texas. Tamara has resided in Ventura County for the last 12 years where she lives with her two teenage children. In her career she has enjoyed many roles from attorney to school admissions to marketing & legal communications. She is also a life coach and loves to empower and encourage women through her work. Tamara loves to travel, write, go to the beach, eat at fun restaurants, and hang out with her kids. On an average day you will find her with her nose in a book or doing yoga. Tamara is excited to join Ventura Mom’s Collective and contribute to her community in a new way!


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