Dominique Tucker

Dominique is a mother to 3 great kiddos. Twin life is her life. It's like having free entertainment that you never asked for and you never know what to expect! She lives by her grandmother's motto..."A home is just for sleeping but the world is where you live." She loves traveling and finding new places to discover. She is a die hard foodie and is still on the hunt for the best pizza!!

Let’s Value Our Younger People

If children are our future, then let’s put more trust in them. They Have Value Sometimes it seems we don’t value what our own children have to share with us or what they have to say....

My Favorite End of the Summer Spots

Summer is my favorite season! Summer also means traveling to my family!! A New Tradition A few years ago, I even started a tradition of a family day-cation!! As much as I love hotels, like most...

That One Thing…I No Longer Regret As a Parent

For years I used to beat myself up. I used to be filled with so many regrets! The Missed Performance One Christmas I was not able to attend my twin daughters’ first preschool, Christmas performance. I...

Let’s Stop Trying to Make Kids Grow up too Fast

It seems like the world is in a hurry to make children grow up.  And many parents seem to be pushing their kids to be and act older. But can we just stop trying...

Smelling the Roses a Little Longer

One winter break my husband and I taught my two daughters how to ride bikes.   It was actually their Christmas present. Several years back I tried to teach them how to ride. It was...

Parenting Hacks for New Parents

The beauty of being a mom is that we all have our own style and technique when it comes to raising children. I’m sure every parent has said at one time or another I...

Time Really Does Go By Fast!

I’m sure as new parents we believe we are going to remember every minute of our little ones. Fast forward 13 years later; I don’t! I would be lying if I said I did....

The Ocean Wins Again

This year's wanderlust is at an all-time high. Normally my family would be on some amazing trip........but let's be honest, nothing is really normal about this year. And I have noticed that people are...