Gabriella Miramontes

Gabriella is a natural born sharer. She believes life is about storytelling and the responsibility that we all share to provide a truthful lens so we can all find deep connections with each other. Gabi absolutely loves being a boy mom and sharing all things about motherhood. She feels incredibly honored to be the co-creator of two small humans, Samuel and Mateo, with her best friend/husband, Albert. FUN FACT: Gabi met her husband in jail! You're gonna want to ask her about that story! A Ventura County native all her life, she has lived in Ventura, Santa Paula, and most recently in Fillmore with her three boys and two cats. She considers herself a true California girl. Gabi has always worked and valued her independence. She attended Moorpark Community College, and received her degree in Organizational Communications and minored in visual media. Being outspoken is something Gabi has always been most proud about, especially when it comes to women’s rights. In her various social media platforms, Gabi wholeheartedly shares her best and worst moments as a stay at home mom, wife, and as a millennial woman living in today’s world. She is a firm believer in sprinkling f-bombs, transparency, and showing young moms how to not take themselves so seriously. She also shares everyday, cool mom tips and can TikTok like nobody’s business. Gabi loves a good pair of mom jeans and a funky headband. She’s a good friend, and will love your authentic self fiercely. Warning: immediately following her on instagram will provoke a strong desire to make life’s messiest moments picture perfect. She’s definitely the mom bestie of the group.

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