Gia Ilole

Gia Ilole
Gia is a native Californian who has lived all over the state from San Diego to Trinity County, plus Washington DC for a short time. She recently relocated to Ventura County with her family to build a compound property together with her sister’s family so that they could always share wardrobes and parenting responsibilities for their 5 combined children at home. Gia graduated from UCSB with a degree in Linguistics (which she thinks entitles her to make up words). It took her just three years, as she was eager to graduate early to go live with her long distance boyfriend and his toddler daughter at the time. That seemed to work out, as the boyfriend got promoted to husband years ago and her step-daughter promoted her to grandmother recently! Gia’s husband is from East Africa and runs their Bed and Breakfast in Tanzania from near and far. Gia is a Human Resources Director who has a major obsession with watermelon and eggnog lattes, depending on the season.
women, friendships hugging

Friends with Benefits

I love seeing my friends, but when life is so full and when we are trying to focus on so many goals at the start of the year, friendships sometimes can be hard to...
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The Shame and Fame of Being Awake In The Dark

If I see another article or book about how everyone's successful secret to success is waking up ridiculously early in the morning, I might scream. What a way to kick start your day! Get work done...

Sticks and Stones and Middle School Bystanders

Middle school isn't typically easy for anyone.  I think we can all agree that it's even harder for anyone who falls outside of the norm.  And those identities or appearances or behaviors outside the...
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Something Wonderful is About to Happen

Sometimes I make my mind up about things. And then sometimes I make them happen. Most of the time, I maintain that I make them happen by working like 100 hours a week and multitasking every...

Spaghetti Beans and Avocado Toast

Do you ever get the hankering for a childhood comfort meal? Years back, when I was an adult, but a young one, I suddenly had the craving for a wonderful childhood meal that I adored. ...
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Things Are Looking Up

As we move into my favorite "-ember" months, we move into my favorite decorating seasons!  While the opportunity to decorate my front porch thrills me in any season, the "-ember" months give me the...
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Plan Your Perfect Halloween Party

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Fall Refresh

There was a time, a little too long ago, that I used to get excited about seasons in a different way. Trends and Outfits Flipping through a teen magazine in the fall, I would be enthralled...
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After School Snack-Time Memories

My nephew famously told my sister, years ago, "You know what a boy likes when he comes home from school?" Milk and Warm Cookies It's great advice, honestly. So, there is one (age-old) idea for an after-school...

5 Simple Elements for an Amazing 4th of July Party

I adore holidays.  I look forward to them early. In March, I envision the pumpkin patch I’ll make for Halloween, and the costumes I could wear.  In August, I daydream about taking the kids...