Gia Ilole

Gia is a native Californian who has lived all over the state from San Diego to Trinity County, plus Washington DC for a short time. She recently relocated to Ventura County with her family to build a compound property together with her sister’s family so that they could always share wardrobes and parenting responsibilities for their 5 combined children at home. Gia graduated from UCSB with a degree in Linguistics (which she thinks entitles her to make up words). It took her just three years, as she was eager to graduate early to go live with her long distance boyfriend and his toddler daughter at the time. That seemed to work out, as the boyfriend got promoted to husband years ago and her step-daughter promoted her to grandmother recently! Gia’s husband is from East Africa and runs their Bed and Breakfast in Tanzania from near and far. Gia is a Human Resources Director who has a major obsession with watermelon and eggnog lattes, depending on the season.

Resilience for Mother’s Day

This year, I’m celebrating Mother’s Day and the ten year anniversary of my ten year old son’s open heart surgery. I spent my first official Mother’s Day at Rady’s Children’s Hospital while my new...

Reflections of a Great Road Trip

Highway to .. heaven? Over the years I’ve done a lot of road trips with my step-daughter, son, nieces and nephews. When Grandma’s house is just 4 hours away and it comes with a pool,...

Ojai Day Trip – Stop to Smell the Orange Blossoms

Spring break is the absolute perfect time for a day trip to Ojai.  The temperature is perfect and the entire valley smells like orange blossoms. This is not an exaggeration!  A spring break trip...

But… At Least I Tried It, Right?

Recently, my sister gave up a battle and told her 14 year old she could dye her hair purple, and not just the temporary wash-out way. She was probably caught in a weak moment. ...
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