Katie Walker

Katie Walker
Katie was born in Seoul, S. Korea and adopted at the age of one to a sweet family in Ojai, CA. While growing up as an adoptee came with challenges, she is incredibly grateful for the gift of processing her experience through writing in hope of supporting and encouraging other adoptees and families thinking about adoption. In 2005 Katie married her best friend, Dave, and since then have had three kids - Layla (14), Eli (12) and Caleb (9). They’ve spent a lot of their family life pursuing higher education, traveling, and driving kids from one activity to another. In a normal week, you can find Katie knee deep in homework assignments, Bible study research, and catching up on all the K-Dramas - always a cup of iced coffee in hand. Reading literary fiction, walking the dog (audio book or podcast in!), and working in the garden are other ways she unwinds and stays sane. Oh, and sometimes she cooks and cleans, but now that her kids are older she benefits from their homemade pancakes and ability to wipe down a countertop.
Woman laying on floor reading a book

Read With Us This Month!

Also known as Dr. Seuss day or Dr. Seuss’s birthday, National Read Across America Day encourages children and youth to embrace the joy of picking up a book and getting lost in the beauty...
family celebrating Korean lunar new year

Korean Lunar New Year

If you’re like me, you may not have grown up celebrating Lunar New Year. In fact, this particular holiday may seem completely foreign.  You’re not alone. What is Korean Lunar New Year and why is it...
laughing woman

Everything All The Time

I sit with a friend and we reflect on the last year.  We reflect on our jobs, our habits, our families, what went well and what could have gone better. We’ve found that the practice...
little girl smiling

On Being Adopted

$2,500. The amount my parents paid to adopt a little Korean baby almost 39 years ago. “It was a lot of money back then,” my mom says. “I was worth at least double,” I respond jokingly. I move...
Woman holding a Christmas gift

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Gift Giving

I love giving and receiving presents. I love finding the perfect something for that special someone. I love shopping…until I don’t. Listen, sometimes even before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins, I’m exhausted…tapped out…not...
Happy woman drink cocoa

Wintering Transitions

There are different ways we transition from season to season. Quite literally–Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter–But also in the practical ways we move throughout our weeks and days.  Transitions Are Tricky For...

Build Your Mom Team

Being a mom isn’t always easy. If you’re like me, maybe you’ve struggled over the years to find your footing, to really feel like you’re enjoying this season of motherhood, and to be the...
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Things I Said & Needed To Hear This Week

If you're like me, sometimes it's really nice to hear how other moms engage in everyday conversations with their kids. Let's normalize the mundane, horrifying, sweet, and truly embarrassing moments we all experience on...
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10 Things I’ve Learned

Life is a series of joy and sorrow, gratitude and despair, “this is hard” and also “this is beautiful.” On the cusp of entering my forties I reminisce and hold space for the things I’ve...
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On Friendship

I Reminisce and Hope I sit with a friend and grieve with her at the loss of a relationship she has shared with someone for many years. I don’t have words of wisdom, only the...