Miriam Cave

Miriam was raised in Oxnard, CA. She attended Sweet Briar College in Virginia and graduated with a degree in Sociology. She moved back home and eventually pursued a career in affiliate marketing. After working in that industry for 10 years, she decided to prioritize her health and her family and became a stay-at-home mom. Throughout the years, she and her husband have lived in various parts of Ventura County – Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and now Camarillo – and are currently raising a 4-year-old boy named Benji. She has always loved writing as a child and is excited to be a part of Ventura County Mom Collective. Reading nonfiction books, doing Pilates, exploring new restaurants, and hiking with her family are some of her favorite hobbies. After experiencing years of postpartum depression, she considers herself to be an advocate of women’s mental health (especially moms!) and loves to encourage and uplift others. She tries to live by the motto “Grace over Guilt.”

April Is Autism Acceptance Month

April is known to be “Autism Awareness Month,” but according to Disability Scoop, advocates are pushing to change this reference to “Autism Acceptance Month.” Moms usually just want healthy babies who later develop to...

Giving Up Social Media For 6 Months – Part 2

After Mother’s Day, I had tried to give up social media for 6 months. But alas, I only lasted a month and a half. So why did I fall short of my goal? What...

Pursue a Hobby and Nourish Your Soul

Have you ever thought about pursuing a hobby? As our lives get busier, our days can easily succumb to monotonous routine: work (or take care of kids, or both!), eat, sleep, pay bills, run...

Giving up Social Media for Six Months

Around a month ago, I decided to give up social media for six months. I felt a strong conviction that I was spending too much time on Facebook and Instagram. But I wasn’t mindlessly...

Challenges I Face As A Boy Mom

I grew up in a family of all girls, so a lot of times, I feel unprepared as a boy mom. On social media, I recently shared a meme that had “Protect Your Daughter”...

Guide to VBS In Ventura County

Vacation Bible School is back! Big on fun and new friends, but easy on the budget, VBS is a great summer option for your kids. VBS {Vacation Bible School} is a program hosted by many...

My Story as an Asian American

I am proud to be an Asian American. I belong here. After the Atlanta spa shootings, I saw so many photos shared on social media of mourning, scared, and outraged people holding signs that say...

My Year of Growth and Incorporating Healthy Habits

I’ve often heard that after great struggle comes great growth, and this past year exemplifies that. I finally learned about healthy habits, created goals, and strived to achieve them. Around four years ago, I...
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