Stephanie Schramm

Stephanie was born in California but moved to Alaska when she was ten years old. She finally made California her home again when she attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara. After working for several years with talent in the entertainment industry, she is loving her time at home with her two young kids who never cease to amaze and challenge her. She is married to a very supportive man who loves their Schramm Family Adventures in Thousand Oaks and beyond.

The B-Word

As the person who does 95% of our food shopping in my household, I cannot get over the cost of food right now. At the beginning of the pandemic, I regularly spent approximately $200...

Choose To Do Something

(Trigger Warning - This article discusses rape and sexual assault.) I woke up and was sickened by what I read. I haven’t been able to shake this feeling of disbelief and sadness. The Headline The headline read...

One Page At A Time

There was a time in my life when I read all of the time. I would routinely finish a suspenseful paperback on a three hour flight. Reading in bed, the bathtub, and the car...

Choose Everything, Sweet Girl

I often look at my daughter and wonder what life will hold for her. She is capable, smart and loving. She literally has her whole life ahead of her and she dreams big. Dream Big She...

Your Life Is Going To Change

Misery Loves Company When I was pregnant with my oldest, people would tell my husband and I repeatedly that our life was going to change and it would never be the same again. It wasn't...

Lash Nap – 5 Reasons I LOVE Eyelash Extensions

Psst…Ventura County Moms, I need to share something with you! So Many Weddings I recently had five wedding related events for family and friends over the last six weeks. My head was literally spinning! That is...

Proud Momma

It hit me the other day that as much as I want my parents to be proud of me, what I really want is for my kids to be proud of me. My kids...

That Talk

If You Wait Until Eight, You Are Too Late Last year, as my son was about to turn eight, my friend mentioned to me that if you wait until eight, you are too late. I...

A 30 Day Challenge

Kale Anyone? When I write about a 30 Day Challenge, most of you are probably thinking of protein shakes, 6 a.m. runs and kale. Nope, I already told you that I am not a hiker...

I Am Not a Hiker

Not What I Expected So let me start this by telling you that I am not a hiker. When I was six, my dad and uncle took me on a hike. We walked up a...
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