Tamara Nowlin

Tamara Nowlin
Tamara was born and raised in Southern California. She obtained her B.A. in Political Science & Sociology from Pepperdine and after undergrad attended Southern Methodist University Law School in Dallas, Texas. Tamara has resided in Ventura County for the last 14 years where she lives with her two teenage children. In her career she has enjoyed many roles from attorney to school admissions to marketing & legal communications. She is the founder of a local writing services business called Yellow Daisy Writers. She offers writing help for small businesses and job seekers as well as special event writing for weddings and other milestones. Tamara loves to travel, write, go to the beach, eat at fun restaurants, and hang out with her kids. On an average day you will find her with her nose in a book or doing yoga. Tamara is excited to join Ventura Mom’s Collective and contribute to her community in a new way!
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