Tara Romero

Tara is a small town California girl from the Central Valley. She met her best friend turned husband shortly after high school. They met at a Hot Topic, while she was "shopping" at the mall. He was the cute emo kid from Simi Valley that her heart couldn't resist. Nearly twenty years later, they have 3 children ages 13, 8, and 6. Tara is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and SAHHM (stay at home homeschooling mom). She attributes her appreciation for witnessing beauty and transformation to leading her to wear many hats. Whether it's changing a hairstyle, one's physique, increasing knowledge or changing one's point of view, she's passionate about helping others become their personal best. When she's not leading a workout or teaching her kids, you'll find her at a local mexican restaurant (because tacos are life), visiting a museum, hiking, or listening to live music. Tara is proud to be a contributor for the Ventura County Mom Collective. "I hope to encourage more women to honor their bodies and use their personal gifts, so that collectively, we can make a greater impact in this world."

Top Homeschool Resources

There’s a Website for That! As a homeschool mom of 3 who’s been in the game for nearly 10 years, I’ve come across tons of websites and curricula.    I’m about to save all of you homeschool...

Fighting For Joy

Some days, I just want to hide.  I want to stay in bed wrapped in a blanket like a human sized burrito and escape all of my troubles.  Without fail, one of my three...

Beat the Nighttime Nibbles

Do you find it difficult not to snack after dinner? Does that quart of ice cream call your name right as you’re about to wind down and turn on your favorite show?   Been there, sister.  Been...

I Could Never Homeschool

Have you ever had a conversation with a mom who homeschools her kids?  Perhaps, you met at a park or happened to be invited to the same birthday party.  “Where do your kids go...

Every Body is a Beach Body

Is This You? Back in January, you swore that you’d start to workout and despite your best intentions maybe that didn’t happen.  Perhaps, you did manage to move your body, but compromised your meal plan...

More Than June Gloom

Change Is Coming It happens every summer in SoCal.  The clouds roll in, the humidity rises and we’re left with the dreary weather known as “June gloom.” Perhaps you’re like me and the cloudy atmosphere bogs...

May The Force Be With You and Your Strong-Willed Child

A long, long time ago in an 80’s themed galaxy far away, lived a little version of me.  A stubborn, strong-willed Padawan, who wanted to join the rebellion against the empire known as “Mommy”...

Spring Cleaning Your Thoughts

Spring Cleaning Your Thoughts I’m not going to clean my house!  I refuse to organize the garage, sort through toys and outgrown kids clothes.  I don’t want an organized pantry with labeled containers or a...

4 Clever Ways to Eat More Greens

"Eat your vegetables", we've been told ever since we were wee lads and lasses yet, many of us find them far from magically delicious.  No, we don't want to eat more greens! THE DILEMMA How do...

Love Letter to the Overwhelmed Mom

Beloved Burnt Out Mom, I saw you walk into the kitchen with your messy bun, stained pajamas, and bags under your eyes. I am overcome with the desire to wrap my arms around you in...
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