There is something truly wonderful about picking your own food. And then add in picking your own food out under our warm, California sun and the cool breeze from the ocean….MAGIC!  I know not everyone has an entire week...
"Eat your vegetables", we've been told ever since we were wee lads and lasses yet, many of us find them far from magically delicious.  No, we don't want to eat more greens! THE DILEMMA How do we get our kids to...
Living on the coast in Southern California has its perks. While I revel the picturesque ice covered lakes and snow covered landscapes posted from my brother from Upstate New York; I realize the nearly consistent 60-80’ coastal weather is...

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Guide to Gluten-Free Dining Options

Gluten Free! It has been a hot topic over the last couple of years.  Rather you are newly diagnosed Celiac or love someone who needs...
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