Psst…Ventura County Moms, I need to share something with you!

So Many Weddings

I recently had five wedding related events for family and friends over the last six weeks. My head was literally spinning! That is a lot of preparation for each wedding! The dress! The shoes! The hair! The make-up! To top it off, all of the events involved travel out of town. So when I was offered the opportunity to try eyelash extensions at Deka Lash in Agoura Hills, I jumped at the chance for some glamour, pampering and relaxation!

Lash Nap at Deka Lash

As I entered the studio, I was immediately greeted by the owner, David. He quickly checked me in and introduced me to my Lash Artist, Kayla. I was promptly whisked away to a semi-private area where Kayla focused on me for two glorious hours. As a mom, being able to close my eyes and fully relax for two hours is amazing. She even offered me a blanket and I almost fell asleep. Kayla called it a Lash Nap. Fall asleep and wake up with beautiful lashes!

The Perfect Lashes

I requested hybrid lashes that are a mix between classic extensions and volume fans. Kayla explained exactly what was happening before she did each step. It was important to her that I was comfortable and knew what to expect. I walked out with beautiful lashes that work well for my everyday life and all of the weddings.

5 Reason I LOVE My Eyelash Extensions

I am thrilled with the results! And here are just some of the reasons I absolutely love my eyelash extensions from Deka Lash.

  1. Two words for you: No mascara!!
  2. It has made my morning routine quicker and easier.
  3. I find myself wearing less make-up yet feeling glamorous.
  4. People comment on my new lashes all the time.
  5. I did something for MYSELF and I feel PAMPERED.


Deka Lash surpassed my expectations. Elegant studio, talented Lash Artist and beautiful results. After three weeks, I went back for a lash refill and Fergie’s song Glamorous was playing in the Studio. It seemed very fitting!




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