Spring Cleaning Your Thoughts

I’m not going to clean my house!  I refuse to organize the garage, sort through toys and outgrown kids clothes.  I don’t want an organized pantry with labeled containers or a bookcase of paperbacks sorted by color to make a pretty rainbow shelf.  

I need more, so to all the home editors and every tidy Marie of the world, I say, “Buh, Bye.”  

Before attempting the daunting task of decluttering my home, my mission is to clear “the house” of my mind.  

I’d like to invite you, my dear mama friend, to join me as I do an “Extreme Makeover: Mindset Edition.” 

The Method

We’re going to do what all of those neat freaks, I mean, neat friends do in order to reorganize each space.  We’ll take a good look at all of the stuff (in this case our thoughts) and either keep, dump or donate them.  

The Kitchen

Ah, how I love a clean lemon scented kitchen, don’t you?  Let’s look at the kinds of thoughts that live here.  I dig in the pantry and find some high quality cooking oils and staple items such as flour and sugar.  These are the thoughts of my best self.  

“You’re such a good friend.”  

You can make anything happen.”  

“You’re so resourceful.”  

All “keep” thoughts.  We love them.  These are the key ingredients to a joy filled life.  

But what is sitting right next to the coconut oil?  I’ve detected an expired can of cream of mushroom from last last Thanksgiving when I made green bean casserole for the in-laws.  Chuck it.  Get that colorless mush out right away! 

That’s the thought saying, “You’re so fat.  Just look at your mom pooch.”  We’re not allowing that gross can to live here anymore.  It’s an old thought and it’s got to go.

Let’s mosey our way over to the cabinet where the fine china is stored.  They’re out of reach, so I’m forced to grab a stool before clutching the first glossy plate. 

I immediately begin to imagine dinners with friends filled with deep meaningful conversation.  Our glasses are full and clang as we toast to a bright future.

This is where our dreams live yet they are out of reach and out of sight.  

“Don’t share your goals with others.”

“What would they think of you?” 

“You’re being silly.  Are you really qualified to do xyz?”  

Again, we dump these kinds of thoughts.  Dreams belong in the donate pile.  Share your dreams with others and find like minded people to walk alongside you as you turn your dreams into your reality.    

The Garage

I don’t even want to go in here.  It’s dusty and smells old.  I might spot a freakishly large spider.  It’s hard to breathe in this cluttered square space.  

This is thought overload.  Yup, all of those boxes of old stuff represent my best intentions and things I’ve either given up on or put aside for another day.  There’s also lots of memories here.  Reminders of past accomplishments, photos of loved ones, my kid’s best art work.  

My pondering turns to panic.  “There’s too much to do.  I don’t know what to do with myself.  This isn’t how my life is supposed to be.  I used to be so cool, now I’m just an old tired mess!”

Take another swig of kombucha and chill.  Remember, we’ve got to keep, dumb or donate.  

I choose to keep the happy memories and dump the fear.  My procrastination is much to blame for this mess.  I’ve been putting things off and not dealing with the past.  I’ve been fearful of what’s in the cardboard boxes because of how it might make me feel.  But it’s OK to feel.

It’s time to face it head on.  I’ll keep the things (in this case thoughts) that add value to my life.  That old year book says, “You’re lot’s of fun.  Look at how many people you know.”

I’ll dump anything broken (thoughts that are more myth than truth) and donate items in good used condition (wisdom from experience to be shared).

The Closet

You probably know where this one is going.  In the closet reside my deepest thoughts.  The thoughts that express how I truly feel about myself.  There’s a soundtrack of thoughts in here so old, that much like a train that passes every morning at 4:20 A.M., I don’t even hear them anymore.

“Things are harder for people like me.”

“I’m not lovable.”

“I’m a failure.”

It’s going to take some effort to tidy this whirlwind of wardrobe.  I won’t be able to clear the mess in the messaging in an afternoon.  I’ll have to look at each piece at a time and decide if it sparks joy or any source of good for that matter.  

I might even need back-up (a counselor or therapist) as I sift through it all.  Much like those cute 7 jeans from my pre-baby days, some thoughts are harder to dump, so we just store them.  

It’s time to do some spring cleaning, though, so I will clear the house of my mind.

Woman with thought bubbles
(c) RossHelen via Canva.com


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