Bring on Spring and all the fun that goes with it!  Spring break is just around the corner and is calling families to enjoy some time together. But maybe you just don’t have the time or resources to get away.  That is ok because we are sharing how a day at Prancers Farm can make for a perfect spring break trip!

Prancers Farm

Prancers Farm offers a variety of great family activities to enjoy.  Check out all the different things your family can do at the farm!

  1. ANIMAL CENTER::  The animal center is FREE and open to the public.  You can visit their horses, llamas, cows, goats, chicken, pigs, bull, donkeys and more!  They have so many fur friends for your family to engage with!
  2. STRAWBERRY FIELDS::  If you have not had a fresh pick strawberry straight from the farm fields; you are MISSING OUT!  I don’t know the reason but picking your own strawberries from Prancers farm makes them taste that much sweeter!  Kids of all ages and adults alike will enjoy searching for the perfect red, juicy strawberries to take home.
  3. PRODUCE STAND:: Enjoy this wonderful produce stand full of colors and smells.  Stroll through the stand to view all their amazing fruits, vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, candy and more!
  4. TRAIN:: Enjoy a ride on the Fillmore & Western train to the farm.  The train arrives on the weekends.

Plan Your Trip to Prancers Farm

ADDRESS:: 18540 East Telegraph Rd. Santa Paula CA 93060
HOURS:: Mon – Fri, 10am – 6pm
Saturday, 9am – 6pm
Sunday, 9am – 6pm

What a Great Spring Break Day

Even if your family can not get away for spring break, we hope you enjoy the great places in Ventura County like Prancers Farm.  Picking strawberries, furry friends, and beautiful produce will make a very special memory.


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