Spring is here and you often hear it is time to Spring Clean your home.  A clean start this spring can be so refreshing. But do you feel like you can’t get in the mood? Like you just didn’t want to clean? Here are some things I have found to be helpful to Spring Clean your home.

Set The Mood

I put on my favorite music and I let it radiate through the house. Whatever makes you feel good. It can be an ice coffee or a smoothie. I get cleaning supplies. Lately, I have been making everything homemade and my Dr. is so impressed by my bloodwork and numbers on paper but that’s for another article.


Ugh! That closet, that junk drawer, the clutter place we just want to forget, we all have it! It’s time to get through it and get rid of things that we don’t need or use. Do you need 500 pens? Meh, probably not. What about that old pacifier you took from your last kid?  Whatever that is in there it all needs to be removed and gone through.

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Make A List Of The Rooms


Living Room.



Go one by one, starting from top to bottom. For each room, make a list of everything that needs to be done. Start cleaning all surfaces, the floors and declutter one by one. Get the family to help by using their strengths to come together. Make it a race and whoever wins buys the family ice cream.

Make A Schedule

Breaking habits by making a schedule you can stick to. For our family, Sunday is family day and reboot for the week. We go through the laundry, kitchen and pick up the living room and set clothes out for the next day. We rotate the days of the week with the people in our family to break up the mundane.


There’s nothing like fresh air, rain or shine, that makes everything better. Make sure you are breathing in clean air while you are cleaning. Using harsh chemicals can be deadly without circulation. Exercise opening windows and sliders while you clean and maybe use natural ingredients lemon rinds make an all purpose cleaner.

Most Of All

Have fun! Cleaning needs to be a chore with a different mindset. Things can be FUN. It helps minimize clutter and maximizes your space which helps with your mind and your day!

Woman spring cleaning her house.

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Ashley Staples
Ashley was born and raised in Southern California. She was a handy woman (handyman) and an electrician student by trade until April 2021 when she was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma cancer, desmoid tumor. She is still fighting this cancer today. In 2013 she was dared to go on okcupid. She was "matched" with her husband Jeremy and the rest is history. By 2014 they married in a Vegas chapel without Elvis. She has two girls, born in2008 and 2016. Makayla 13 and Lillian 6 both very opposite each other; Makayla is alternative and Lillian is a girls' girl. Ashley likes to read and write to reflect on her day. Sparkling water is her favorite but tea is her go to at night. Her motto is "Be the person you needed when you were younger"


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