Can We Get Together?

Laughing in the front seat together as we roll down the road together. Sharing hopes and dreams over a glass of wine as the fire crackles between us. Chatting over the dialogue of a rom-com movie on the television. 

You ladies have a special place in my heart.

We All Need A Good Friend

You see we all need some good friends that we can just be real with, just be ourselves with at times. When life is tough and the darkness threatens to overtake you, whether you have time or not. Let’s make time for each other.

It doesn’t have to be a long planned out affair. Sometimes the simpler the better. It takes less planning. Less back and forth checking the calendars, make it impromptu and enjoy the time together.

Ideas That Don’t Require a Whole lot of Thought or Planning.

  • Schedule A Meal Together

If you can schedule it a few days or a week out and actually agree on a mutually agreeable time and date, hallelujah! The stars must have aligned for you! Between soccer practice, karate and horseback riding, it is a wonder we remember where we live some days. Our schedules are crazy busy, so don’t add more stress in your life. 

What about a last minute meal together. Hey, I don’t feel like cooking and either do you, let’s grab a bite in an hour together? Or my spouse is working late tonight, l’m going to fix the kids some Mac ‘n cheese and get them in the bathtub. Want to come over and share some takeout this evening?

Sometimes we get so stuck on the big night out that we miss the opportunity to just connect with our friends. Don’t make it an ordeal, just get together!

  • Make Time For That Girl’s Night In

Don’t get stuck on it having to be a “Girl’s Night Out”. Complete with the hair, make up and hopefully that one great outfit that makes you feel like you are still in your 20’s, and most important – still fits kind of night. Sometimes just the thought of having to put myself together to “go out” is just too much!

So why not stay in?

Who says Girls Night has to be out? There are great restaurants and delivery services that offer amazing food and drinks that can be delivered right to your doorstep. There are even small businesses that make amazing chaucaurie boards to go.

Life is hard enough, don’t let this be hard also! Let’s just get together!

  • Plan An Afternoon Mani/Pedi Together

This one is one of my favorites! Who says getting together has to be at night? I don’t know about you, but by dinner my couch has my name on it and it is hard to get me back off of it after a long day!

With a lot of our employers offering flexible work hours, why not take a midday break and pamper yourself? What better way to break up your work day then a little pampering of your hands or feet and some good girl talk on the side. Plus, you might even beat the evening rush and have a little extra quiet while that amazing massage chair gently rubs out all those kinks in your neck and back. Unfortunately, you will most likely need to go back to work, so don’t get too comfortable!

No matter the time of day, let’s just get together!

  • Take A Road Trip For The Weekend

This one might be a pipe dream for some of us, but we can always dream! Don’t we schedule and work towards the annual family vacations, why not make time for that weekend girls trip too?

There is nothing like a road trip with your girlfriends! No kid music playing on the radio, nothing but laughter and girl chatter going on in the car. The oh I shouldn’t be eating these snacks while on the road, or maybe even stopping at some incredible, greasy place that I may regret after the weekend.

No matter the destination, near or far, let’s just get together!

Let’s Get Together

I don’t know about you, but I was wired for relationships. I crave that uninterrupted time with friends that fuels my soul. No matter what we fill our time with, it is the relationship that we have with each other that brings us back together again and again.

So ladies, let’s take care of ourselves and our mental health. 

Let’s get together!


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