Sweet hubby, I am really sorry your summer sucks.

The Glorious Summer Days

I was driving home from Hurricane Harbor one beautiful summer Tuesday afternoon.  My kids’ cheeks are red from a day spent in the sun. Their hair tousled and clumped in odd sections from hours swimming in the cool water at Hurricane Harbor.  

We ate Dippin Dots.

Screamed while racing down water slides.

Floated in the lazy river.

And jumped up and down in the wave pool.

It was one of those days you feel exhausted and happy from a full day of fun and memories!

I was enjoying the quiet drive home (because my kids were wiped out!!!) when it hit me… that while I had a perfect, summer day out my hubby was at home working.  He still works from home, so he had spent the majority of the day tucked away in our bedroom at his make-shift desk. I felt a tinge of guilt.  His summer sucks. 

I Am Sorry

Don’t get me wrong. My husband loves his job and ends his work day feeling accomplished and that he is making a difference.  But it can not be fun watching your family gallivant all over Ventura County.  My family loves summer and we take FULL advantage of the time. We frequent the beach, pool, parks, and library.  We work at crafts, bake yummy treats, and catch up on all the movies we miss.  We spend most days away and out running around…exploring…entertaining ourselves….having a wonderful time!

And I am sorry hubby you don’t get to join us.  I know you know I am thankful I have the freedom to spend time with our kids like this. And I know you are thankful our kids are making such memories but I am still sorry!

My Pledge

So, here is my pledge to you!

I pledge to make your summer evenings and days off fun and feel like summer as much as possible.

We will BBQ and listen to music WAY too loud during dinner.

Let’s make sure to pack up and enjoy the beach EVERY Friday.

I will stock the freezer full of ice cream and popsicles and yummy summer treats to have anytime of day!

Let’s still put the kids to bed at a decent hour so we can binge summer movies and shows.

We will soak up the sun at the city pool as much as possible.

Watermelon will be at almost all our meals.

Let’s sit and sun-bath in our kiddo-pool.

We will sip sun-tea and read books in the shade of our tree.

We will stop the ice cream truck every time it comes down our streets.

I will try to make your summer one where you still get sun-kissed red cheeks, a stomach ache from too much ice cream, chlorine smelling hair, tan legs and memories that only come from a summer.

Here’s To Summer

I know you summer kind of sucks but when you are not working I truly want you to forget work and live in the summer moments we can have.


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