Father’s Day is coming up, what do you want?

No, really what do we want for Father’s Day? We say we don’t know because really:

A. We don’t know.
B. We don’t care.
C. What we want is too expensive to really ask for.
D. We don’t know how to communicate what we want. 

Now I can’t speak for all dads, but I know I fall somewhere between all of these. I see things I want all the time…but I am not sure I really want them. I don’t care what I get because I have everything I can ask for. Some things I want are too expensive (a gaming pc, a truck, and a trip to Europe). 

But also, I don’t know how to communicate that while all of this is true, also in some twisted way, none of it is true.

For Father’s Day, I want to be noticed and appreciated.

What I Really Want This Father’s Day

I want you to hear me say I want something small and surprise me with it. I want to do a chore that I do mindlessly and see it’s already been done. I don’t care if you get me a tie or a pair of socks (I definitely need them) but make them sentimental to me somehow or add a cute card with the kid’s handprint or pictures. I want an evening by a campfire or gaming with friends with my favorite beverage without worrying about trash, dishes, the lawn etc. 

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In my family, we try every day to make sure we notice and appreciate each other. I never have a lack of being appreciated. But on Father’s Day, just a tiny token or recognition beyond the normal is all I want.

I know that many families are intentional about this as well but just listen when he says he wants a new set of grilling utensils or mentions that he misses camping with the guys.  Find a way to help him feel appreciated and give him the chance to enjoy those things. 

Father’s Day Cheat Sheet

If the father in your life is like me and is quiet about what makes them feel appreciated here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Does he like a particular drink (alcoholic or not)? Get him a bottle of his favorite (if you’re unsure ask his friends). 
  • What hobbies does he enjoy? Is there something he has talked about wanting for it before?
  • Give him a weekend away, either with his buddies or get a babysitter for the weekend and have a couple’s getaway. 
  • Socks with the children’s faces on them (Etsy). 
  • A message from a local massage parlor. 
  • A membership or subscription box that connects to his likes. 

Make Him Feel Special

I really can’t speak for all dads. But for Father’s Day, if he hasn’t given you a specific answer about what he wants when you have directly asked then make him feel special somehow. (But please be direct “Is there anything specific you want for Father’s Day?” because we don’t always pick up on hints very well.)

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Nick is a stay-at-home dad to one wonderfully curious boy and two rambunctious pups. He is husband to a wonderful wife who serves the local community as a pastor. He grew up in the wild rural country area of North Carolina. Before calling Ventura County home he lived in Ukraine, Alabama, and Washington DC. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home dad, he worked with kids and adults with cognitive disabilities. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, gardening, and seeking new adventures. He is excited to learn from local moms and be a male parenting voice in this community!


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