Do you love to read?

Do you want to connect with other area moms and talk about books? Or really, talk about anything?!?

We need one another, we need to read, and we need to have meaningful adult conversations in our life. Taking a step back from motherhood, work, household duties, responsibilities, etc. to feed our minds and make time to read! This is a space for all!  Join our book club today and be sure to invite your friends.

The VCMC Book Club is For You!

This is a no-pressure, laid-back, easy-going group – we promise!

We are announcing our new book selection! Come and join other local moms, even if you don’t finish reading the book.

All The Details

When:  TBA (Check date in Book Club FB Group)
Where:  TBA (Please check our Book Club FB group for location)
Book: “Handle With Care” by Jodi Picoult 
Who: All are welcome
What To Bring: Yourself, your book, and a smile!

Can’t make the 1st meeting?  That is ok! Go ahead and the grab to book to be ready to read. We will share information in the VCMC Book Club Facebook group.  You can still read the book and connect with other moms.

Here’s How To Get Involved!

1. Join the VCMC Book Club Facebook group.

This is where it’ll all happen! This is where we will share details, connect, ask questions and share the date for upcoming meetings!

Click on this link to join the VCMC Book Club FB group!

2. Get the book.

This is a pretty important part of the book club experience, of course! For each book selection, you’re welcome to choose any format in which it’s available: traditional hardcover or paperback, audiobook, or an e-format, such as the Kindle version. It’s up to you, but having a copy of the book is essential so that you can participate in the reading and discussions.

3. Read and share!

This is the best part! Of course, it’s not required that you share your thoughts on each discussion topic — some questions might speak to you more than others, and that’s totally normal — but the discussion is the heart of a book club and I hope as many people as possible share and discuss different topics. Remember, your unique views and experiences are invaluable to any group discussion because you’re the only one who has your one-of-a-kind story!

4. Follow the community guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all.

Of course, and as always, VCMC cares deeply about its community, and therefore all book club members should always be respectful to others and their opinions. Let’s work together to form a strong, supportive environment for all moms and celebrate our similarities and differences.

Let’s Hang! No Pressure.

So, take some time for YOU, Mama! Let’s make it a priority to read something other than “Goodnight Moon” or “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” – not that we don’t love those, but it’s always good to expand our horizons and connect with other moms!

Ready to join us?  We look forward to reading and connecting with you!

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