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Welcome to our Ventura County “Mom to Know” series!

We are featuring moms right here in our local community to highlight the wonderful things they are doing as mothers, business owners, community members, and friends. Each featured mom will be entered to win a single mini-session with local photographer JESSICA FRANCIS PHOTOGRAPHY.

A special thanks to Jessica Francis Photography for offering a mini-session and capturing the special moments in a mom’s life.

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We are honored to feature our 3rd “Mom to Know” in Ventura County!

Meet Danielle

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

My name is Danielle I am 33 Years old. I am the owner and creator of Honey Shine Calendula. I am a mom to 4 boys, wife, former special education teacher, and have two furbabies Stella and Ava. I live in Ventura, Ca and have been since 2017. My boys love growing up in a beach town where beach and park days are a must. We are very close as a family and love providing a wonderful and warm home for them.

2. What do you do for a living?

I am the owner of a local calendula based skincare business called Honey Shine Calendula. Also in December 2021, My husband and I opened Venturas first non profit organization that has is an instore Artisan market. There we provide the platforms for local small businesses to have their items in a retail space at an affordable price without taking any commission on their sales.

3. What do you love about living in Ventura County?

My favorite aspect of Ventura is the beach it is such a blessing to be a short drive away and share these beautiful memories with my boys.

4. What are your favorite local things to do/places to go?

There is nothing better than enjoying a beautiful night out at downtown Ventura with my husband or/and kids. There are so many wonderful small shops to discover and delicious places to eat. My favorite Grapes and Hops, Fluid State, and Casa Bella to name a few.

5. Is there a hidden gem in Ventura County you love?

I feel all the hidden gems are best found in small shops or outdoor maker markets. I have found the most unique gifts and items for myself (food wise, self care, kids toys and home decor.) Some of my favorite stores are Little Bird Consignment, Santa Paula Trading Co, Blue Ridge Honey, and Pixies General Store. You can find so many great items.

6. What do you do to reset and recharge?

My favorite thing to do is take a moment to myself, go to Simones to grab some coffee and a bagel and enjoy the slow pace.

7. How do you see yourself impacting our community?

My goal is to change the information on clean and healthy skincare. Since becoming a mom I have started paying attention what is in our food, skincare, and baby products. After further research I saw there was a huge problem in finding proper and clean skincare products for my kids and myself. Once I began making my salve I noticed a huge difference our skin. This further made me want to help more moms and kids by providing a better option for your skin. From my own business created so many more exciting opportunities for my business plus so many others in Ventura County.

8. Brag on yourself! What are you proud of yourself about?

All my life I was always the person behind everything and never desiring recognition for anything I have accomplished. Starting my business was the scariest I ever was in my life because I was bringing myself forward which is new to me. Every step is still scary for me but I have begun telling myself that every new step that frightens me is the a brand new bright opportunity for me and my business. And if i succeed I am succeeding for my family. This has been a biggest accomplishment for me to see where I started from nothing to where I stand today and I am beyond happy with who I am and where I am going.

9. What piece of advice would you give women right now?

My biggest advice I still follow myself today is to have faith and have confidence in yourself. The biggest decisions can be the best ones you have made. There is room at the table for you to be a woman, wife, mother, and a successful business woman. This is why I’m passionate about creating Earthy Mama Artisan Market to provide an opportunity for moms to not have to choose between being a mom or successful entrepreneur. This opportunity is for all that search for it.

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Mom to Know

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Cascia was born and raised in the Arizona heat. While receiving her Pre-Med degree at HIU in California, a blonde, surfing, skateboarding boy stole her heart. In 2004, she married Chuck and had many adventures living in Arizona, California and Colorado. They now call Simi Valley home and have three wild and curious children - Becker (10), Bodie (7) and Lyla (6). She has been blessed to be a teacher, summer camp staff/program director, SAHM and now the owner of Ventura County Mom Collective. Playing guitar, writing songs, and reading any and every parenting book helps keep her sane and happy! A good cup of coffee or a bubbly La Croix can usually be found in her hand! She tries to live by the motto "I'd rather recover from failure than live with regret.


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