The holidays can be a very exciting and fun time for many, however not everyone can share that same feeling. Holidays are a time of peace and togetherness and nothing fills my cup more than volunteering.  So, I am sharing several volunteer ideas here in Ventura County.

Volunteer In Ventura County

During this season of giving even the tiniest of gifts can be helpful and loved by someone in need and our community should be the first to receive everyone’s gift of volunteering and giving back. I have been actively volunteering throughout my life and I can honestly say that my heart is so full after I spend time showing my community I care. I believe that we cannot become better versions of ourselves without showing other humans honest concern and care.

I know it can be overwhelming to go out there and try something new and I know people at times think of volunteering as over-the-top monetary endeavors but in most cases sharing the day with others, helping organize a meal train, assisting with your local toy-drive and events like such are what we need more of to feel fulfillment and joy in our lives.

As a mom of 2, volunteering has been something I can share with our children, showing them that I give back to our community in any way I can is teaching them to care and give back as well. Starting them young to show kindness towards the people that need it most and make the place we live in better is trivial in my journey as a mother.

If you do not know where to start or have been wanting to volunteer locally and help your community here are some ideas to get you started. These are perfect to get the whole family involved:

Ways to Volunteer and Help Our Community

Blessing Bags

Fill baggies with some non-perishable items and hygiene products. You can
drop them off at shelters or give them away to the homeless population in your area as you
drive or walk by certain places. You can also fundraise to fill them or ask your neighbors for
donations; they can bring goodies to fill the bags as well.

Too Much Candy This Halloween?

Donate it! As a Veteran myself one of the things that would brighten my days throughout my deployments would be happy mail. Organizations like Soldier’s Angels take candy donations to send to our troops. Register on their site and collect any leftover
candy in your neighborhood.

Let’s Clean

Clean your local park or beach. Recruit friends and family members, get some gloves, trash bags and go for a walk around your community picking up trash. This group effort goes a long way and it feels great to show your neighbors that everyone can help out.

Blessing Pantry

Build a blessing pantry! The holiday season is the perfect time to create a blessing pantry. It is like a neighborhood library but with non-perishable items. Take one and leave an item behind as everyone gets ready to enjoy the festivities. You never know who might need an extra can of green beans. This way everyone can help each other out.

Donate Food

Donate food to your local Food bank or volunteer with them. Check out the Ventura County
Food Share for more information on how you can get involved.


Bake cookies and thank your local Fire Station. Show you care and are thankful for their service to the community. Or drop a meal at the Fire Station during Thanksgiving or Christmas.


If you love animals, volunteer at your local shelter or if you are into nature the National Parks Service is always looking for volunteers more so if you have specialized talents.

Get Your Teen or College Student Involved

If you have teens at home or kids in college and they are looking for volunteering opportunities they can always volunteer as coaches or mentors for younger kids. It is so helpful to have great mentorship. They can become a Big brother/Big sister and help kids in their community.

Assist the Elderly

If you would love to serve the Elderly in our County, check out the County of Ventura: Area Agency on Aging. They always need volunteers to help assist the elderly with many different services and companionship.

Fundraise for a Charity

Fundraise for a charity of your choice. Have a bake sale, yard sale, get rid of old toys and books and fundraise to donate money towards a charity that speaks to you and your family. Every donation counts and they all make a big impact!

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering has many amazing benefits like reducing stress and feeling good. Not only that but through volunteering you can create new friendships, build your resume, develop new skills and get to know your community.

As you start the holidays, remember your community needs you and you can truly make a difference in the lives of others by giving back. You can keep it simple and just do random acts of kindness throughout your day to make someone smile. Helping others will surely bring light to their darkness and you will be happy you did it!

More Volunteering Opportunities in Ventura County

For more volunteering opportunities check out the City of Ventura volunteering site.

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Written by Guest Writer: Daniella Horne


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