To the outsider it may appear a small thing, but car rides with my teen son are of astronomical importance.

More Than A Car Ride

The once friendly, cuddly little boy has morphed into a teenager who grunts more now than speaks, but everything changes during the car ride. Now, don’t get me wrong, most car rides take place in silence, or with short answers to my questions.  But every once in a while a beautiful array of words, thoughts and feelings come tumbling out of my son’s mouth. I learn just enough to keep up with what’s going on behind that secretive veil he likes to surround himself with these days. And I’m 100% here for it.

So Many Different Conversations

One day it was venting frustrations about a class. Another, a discussion about a new friend and something funny that happened at lunch.

His opinion on the state of the world.

Thoughts on historical events.

Business ideas.

Potential majors and colleges he’s maybe interested in.

Lists of places he would like to travel.

Excitement about the upcoming football game. Dread about homework. Nervousness about an upcoming test. Explanation of the latest project he’s working on in his favorite class. Funny jokes. Sarcastic jabs. Grumpy outbursts. Uproarious laughter. A smile.

Time Well Spent

All these moments happen during car rides with my son. This year his older sister started driving and yet I refuse to give up this time. He will be driving himself in a year and I want to treasure this precious 15 minutes a day to and from school on the chance that he will open up. That he will share. How many conversations would I have missed if I didn’t take that time everyday. Is it convenient? No. It takes away 30-45 minutes from my workday and sometimes makes me late, but no one will ever convince me that it’s not time well spent.

Car rides with my son… I hope they last forever.

Boy riding in a car

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Tamara was born and raised in Southern California. She obtained her B.A. in Political Science & Sociology from Pepperdine and still identifies enthusiastically with her status as a “Wave.” After undergrad she attended Southern Methodist University Law School in Dallas, Texas. Tamara has resided in Ventura County for the last 12 years where she lives with her two teenage children. In her career she has enjoyed many roles from attorney to school admissions to marketing & legal communications. She is also a life coach and loves to empower and encourage women through her work. Tamara loves to travel, write, go to the beach, eat at fun restaurants, and hang out with her kids. On an average day you will find her with her nose in a book or doing yoga. Tamara is excited to join Ventura Mom’s Collective and contribute to her community in a new way!


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