I often look at my daughter and wonder what life will hold for her. She is capable, smart and loving. She literally has her whole life ahead of her and she dreams big.

Dream Big

She dreams of being a doctor, a teacher and a baker. It doesn’t occur to her that it might be challenging to do all three. She has a plan. My daughter fully expects me to be a part of her business empire. She will be the boss but I’ll be working alongside her. We are a team. It doesn’t cross her mind that she can’t do something because she is a girl or too young or too inexperienced. That makes zero sense to her.

Not Settling

Why does she believe that she is capable of doing so much? Because we haven’t told her any different! It is not our job to crush her spirit. It is our job to raise a child that believes she can do anything.

If you hear something enough, you are going to believe it. She will have enough people telling her that she can’t. I want her to hear why she will succeed from the people who know her the best.

Another Door Opens

I want her to find her passion and pursue it. If one passion doesn’t work out, she will have several others to pursue because she dreams big all of the time!

Looking at life through her eyes reminds me daily that life should be different. She shouldn’t limit her dreams because the world tells her she isn’t enough of something. And neither should we!




  1. Keep on writing Stephanie, all of your articles have been encouraging and delightful. I look forward to every new one! Sending lots of hugs and love. Colleen Batt.


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