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There are SO many ways to feed a kid these days! But I grew up on Sunny D every morning and Bologna Sandwiches after school. There has to be a balance, right?!


It can be overwhelming being a mom trying to navigate the nutritional needs of your children.  There are so many trends and ideas and opinions.  Most of us moms grew up eating pop-tarts and mayonnaise sandwiches. So how do we balance what is necessary for our kids diets and the pressure to feed our kids a specific way. Is it ok to toss a pop-tart my kids way here and there?


I am not a seasoned pro! Believe me I am far from that but the one thing I think I am really beginning to understand is that there has to be a balance.  So when I start to feel defeated, discouraged, not good enough, I like to remind myself how I grew up.  Eating some pretty nasty combinations of food, drinking from the hose, and having a wonderful, magical childhood.  I am here today and I have some really terrific memories.


So if you are feeling like you are totally messing up your kids because you do not have their diet perfectly together then read these food items out loud that I had friends share that they ate growing up.  Hint: They all survived! 

  • Rolled up hot dogs in tortillas
  • Fried bologna sandwiches
  • Butter, sugar sandwiches
  • White bread with Mayonnaise
  • Candy cigarettes
  • Saltine crackers with cheese whiz
  • Vienna sausages
  • Mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs
  • Kool Aid with sugar straight from the package to dip your finger in
  • Icing straight from the can

What is the strangest thing you grew up eating? We would love to know! Leave us a comment below.



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Cascia was born and raised in the Arizona heat. While receiving her Pre-Med degree at HIU in California, a blonde, surfing, skateboarding boy stole her heart. In 2004, she married Chuck and had many adventures living in Arizona, California and Colorado. They now call Simi Valley home and have three wild and curious children - Becker (10), Bodie (7) and Lyla (6). She has been blessed to be a teacher, summer camp staff/program director, SAHM and now the owner of Ventura County Mom Collective. Playing guitar, writing songs, and reading any and every parenting book helps keep her sane and happy! A good cup of coffee or a bubbly La Croix can usually be found in her hand! She tries to live by the motto "I'd rather recover from failure than live with regret.


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