If children are our future, then let’s put more trust in them.

They Have Value

Sometimes it seems we don’t value what our own children have to share with us or what they have to say. If we just pause and listen, children can often offer such valuable information to us!! But we need to be open to receiving that information. And we need to believe in them more. 

Even as our children evolve into young adults, we need to give them opportunities without thinking they are ‘too young’. We need to stop thinking “you have to be older to have more experience.” Why is this fair if you already have that same knowledge?

Too Young

I remember several years back I was in desperate need of an electrician. My husband was out doing an errand and he was telling the clerk about his dilemma. A couple of people hanging out in the store recommended a person.  They advised he is a great electrician but he is “young”. I personally didn’t care at this point. We had already had 2 previous electricians that didn’t deserve any gold stars or our money.

We Are All Still Learning

Why do we throw around the word “young” like it’s a bad thing? We should embrace that beautiful word and all it has to offer. Not treat it like a warning sign. Our jobs as parents are to teach them what we know. So, if we don’t doubt ourselves. Then why them? We need to keep in mind we don’t know everything. And to be perfectly honest as adults we are still learning every single day. We are here to help to shape them to become responsible adults.

Let’s Invest In Our Young Future

Well, the young gentleman that ended up coming to our home was just as knowledgeable and capable as anyone 20 years his senior. We really need to be more open to the process. I feel bad when I see kids graduate high school and they are turned down from job opportunities because they don’t bring years of experience. How are they our future if we don’t give them the opportunity to be our future? Years of experience doesn’t always necessarily mean better. We need to be open to new ideas. Learn to trust and invest in our young ones. Take the time to listen to their feedback. As a mom, if I had done this early on, there’d be so many lessons they could have taught me!!

Creating a Future

I think we must get out of that stigma of just because someone’s older makes them smarter or better. How many parents have had a computer issue and their child was able to fix it for them? They know and understand technology better than us and so many other things. Right now, they are creating the future and setting the foundation to make things better for our world and everyone’s future.  


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