Beloved Burnt Out Mom,

I saw you walk into the kitchen with your messy bun, stained pajamas, and bags under your eyes. I am overcome with the desire to wrap my arms around you in the most heartfelt hug.  Mom to mom, during this month of February when it’s okay to express one’s feelings, I want you to know that you are so loved and valued.

Loved and Valued

You may not feel very loved.  You probably feel quite the opposite.  There always seems to be someone calling your name, whining for more, and pointing out what you haven’t done or worse: what you’ve done wrong.

When you find a moment to read your myriad of text messages and emails, the list of your responsibilities only grows.  The urge to run away reaches a new height!  You’re overwhelmed and feel like a failure because other moms seem to do a far better job than you.  They make it look so easy.

This love letter is intended to remind you that you are seen, appreciated, valued and surrounded by others who care.

We see you in all of your beauty.

You’ve been spotted sacrificing your sleep to nurse babies.

Baking cupcakes for tomorrow’s birthday party.

Searching the internet for the best school and programs for your kids.

Creating a budget.

Revising your resume.

Making a meal for someone in need, giving advice to a friend (sometimes a stranger on the internet), staying up for your teen to come home and the list goes on.

You accomplish far more than you realize, beautiful mother.  Your deeds are noticed.  Kindly clear the mental clutter for just a second and recall the times others acknowledged you.

Remember all of the sweet thank yous and “I love you, Mommy” messages that you’ve received from your children?  You know, the ones that were totally unexpected, possibly written in crayon and made you cry.

Remember the time your sweetheart bought you a gift that wasn’t from a gas station, enclosed with a mushy card signed with more than just his name on it?  He’s a man of few words, so that one meant a lot.

Remember how you beamed because your co-workers praised you for a job well done?

What about when a friend surprised you with a latte just because?

Remember that moment you knew your kind words to a stranger were meaningful?  The slight pause between joint gazes and a warm smile that let you know that you are appreciated.

You Matter

You see, dear mama, your life is meaningful.  A world without you would be incomplete.  You make the world better just by being you.  When you feel overwhelmed, remember that your work is not in vain.  You are valued.  You are not alone. Simply by reading this article, know you belong to a community of mothers in the trenches with you.  We know your brand of crazy.

You are so loved.


Give yourself the gift of releasing the overwhelmed feeling!  You’re doing a wonderful job!

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Tara Romero
Tara is a small town California girl from the Central Valley. She's the mother of three children ages 15, 10, and 8. Tara is the owner of Made Fit by Tara, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Licensed Cosmetologist and SAHHM (stay at home homeschooling mom). She attributes her appreciation for witnessing beauty and transformation to leading her to wear many hats. Whether it's changing a hairstyle, one's physique, increasing knowledge or changing one's point of view, she's passionate about helping others become their personal best. When she's not leading a workout or teaching her kids, you'll find her at a local Mexican restaurant (because tacos are life), visiting a museum, hiking, or dancing to live music. Tara is proud to be a contributor for the Ventura County Mom Collective. "I hope to encourage more women to honor their bodies and use their personal gifts, so that collectively, we can make a greater impact in this world."


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