It’s Mother’s day and it’s all about making your Mom feel special. We get excited about making special breakfasts for our Moms, special cards and homemade crafts. We want to make sure she feels like the most special lady possible!

And why shouldn’t she feel special?

She gave birth or created a life for you as she nurtured you through all of your stages of life. We should honor our Moms for all that they have done for us throughout our lives!

When We Become a Mom

What do we do then when we become Mothers ourselves?

Should we set aside all that we have become as Mothers to honor our Mother? 

Should we focus all our attention on our Mother and forget all that should be celebrated about us?

Are we being selfish to even think these thoughts?

This has been a struggle that no one talks about for those of us in that middle generation that are fortunate enough to have our parents still with us and yet also have children of our own.


For many years, I set aside myself as a mother and celebrated my Mom on Mother’s day. We spent the entire day at her house, spending time together as a family, celebrating her as a Mom with special meals, cakes and gifts. (Her birthday usually falls around Mother’s day also, so we would wrap that into the day also). 

Please hear my heart as I know not everyone has a Mother to celebrate and maybe you would give anything to have time with her again. My heart breaks for you and I can only imagine the pain that Mother’s Day brings to your heart.

However, I don’t want to begin to resent the opportunity I have been blessed with, the opportunity to spend time with my Mom, surrounded by family.  Treasuring the time and moments that I have with her! I want to be able to spend time with my Mother and not resent the time that I have with her, but not at the expense of my time with my children. 

How could I spend time with her and cherish that time, without resenting her for taking time away from my girls and our special day?

A New Plan to Celebrate

Well, the plan was hatched, who says it has to be one way or another? Could you not have your cake and eat it too? What dictates that “Mother’s Day” has to be on a certain day? The day is what you make it!

So, the plan was decided… we would plan time to spend with Mom on a day where we could celebrate her, grab some quiet time together and just be mother and daughter together. Then on a separate day, I can just be a Mom with my family and not divide my time.

I love that my mind is no longer divided by being a Mother and a Daughter at the same time. I get to enjoy special time with My Mom and pamper her with being the single most important woman in the room. While still being able to have my own time with my girls, celebrating the blessing of my two amazing daughters. It’s a win-win!

Make Yourself a Priority

So, if you find yourself divided and being stuck in the middle, make yourself a priority and make Mother’s day your own special day, no matter what the date on the calendar says.

grandma, mom and daughter in kitchen

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Laura Miller
Laura was born in California and hasn’t moved far since, a true California girl at heart. She and her husband John have been happily married for 25 years. They are blessed with two amazing daughters, Allison (20) is attending college locally and is studying to become a Nurse and Kristina (16) is finishing her Junior year of High School and already dreaming big dreams. Their last member of the family is a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Stewie. He is the attempt to help balance out the female hormones and not sure that worked out for her husband. Each day, Laura and John strive to support each other and hopefully not mess up too badly as they raise their girls in this crazy world.


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