I love traditions! The comfort of the familiar each year. A pattern or something to look forward to, brings a smile to my face. A tradition can be anything that you make a priority as a family. It doesn’t have to surround a holiday. You can make it whatever you want it to be.

Things I Don’t Want To Miss

As a new school year begins and things go back to “normal”, there are some things I don’t want to miss out with you that have begun to be our new regular rhythms for us over the last year.

I vow to my family to continue to keep the following things sacred for our family, regardless of what the future year brings.

Hear About Your Day

I vow to always be available to hear about your day, no matter what I am doing. 

I love taking time with you, as you come up the stairs to my home office each day after work and tell me about your day. I love to hear every detail that happened to who said what, what you studied to what happened at lunch. It is a priceless 15 minutes of my day to just sit and listen as you share the excitement and struggles of the day.

Make A Meal Together

I vow to make Saturday morning breakfast a weekly event.

Saturday mornings are our thing! It is a time for us to make breakfast together and slow down and talk together. It is a time we all sit around the table at the same time. Dinners were always our first choice. There were lots of Sunday night dinners with our immediate family and many times our extended family. I treasure those times. 

As the girls grew up and began to have their own lives and very busy schedules, I had to learn to be flexible and adjust to the needs of our family. Since dinners appeared to no longer work for our family due to four different work schedules, we began making Saturday morning our time. It looks a little different, but who doesn’t love a good morning waffle after a quiet start to the day together. 

Nightly Walks

I will always make time to walk the dog at night with you.

We finish dinner and clean up the dishes and before we head our separate directions, we grab the dog and head out on a walk together. It isn’t always far! Let’s be honest my feet are tired by that time of the night and so is our dog, who is now 11 years old and would rather be carried than walked. We still make this our nightly routine. A chance to pause and connect together after a busy day.

Regular Rhythms

These are just a few of our natural rhythms that I want to keep special in the coming year. There are so many more options to add to my list, but for now I will start with these. What fun things or regular rhythms do you do as a family?


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