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Parenting: The Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love

At the end of every day, usually over a dinner I quickly scramble together, my husband and I ask our two girls: “What was...

Palm Springs Makes a Great Family-Friendly Weekend

Have you ever considered Palm Springs for a family vacation? I would not have thought the desert oasis screams “take the kids.” Known for...

One Page At A Time

There was a time in my life when I read all of the time. I would routinely finish a suspenseful paperback on a three...

Books to Read For Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Do It With Kindness October is National Bullying Prevention Month. The time to empower our children to stand up against bullying by challenging hate with...

Things I Don’t Want To Miss

I love traditions! The comfort of the familiar each year. A pattern or something to look forward to, brings a smile to my face....

What to Read to Your Kids This Fall

A California Fall Here in Southern California, we’re not known for our seasons. Fall, especially, is not our forte. The autumn in my dreams is...

Why I Like Missing My Kids

As the country opens up and embraces humanity again with open arms, it has been centering to see friends and family whom I haven’t...

Pursue a Hobby and Nourish Your Soul

Have you ever thought about pursuing a hobby? As our lives get busier, our days can easily succumb to monotonous routine: work (or take...

To Work or Not to Work – That is the Question

My two-year-old sat on the kitchen floor, fiddling with a puzzle piece she couldn’t get to fit. “Damn it,” she said, calmly. I froze, stunned. “What...

I Could Never Homeschool

Have you ever had a conversation with a mom who homeschools her kids?  Perhaps, you met at a park or happened to be invited...
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