Tag: friendship

Can We Get Together?

Can We Get Together? Laughing in the front seat together as we roll down the road together. Sharing hopes and dreams over a glass of...

More Than June Gloom

Change Is Coming It happens every summer in SoCal.  The clouds roll in, the humidity rises and we’re left with the dreary weather known as...

If You Are Perfect, We Can’t Be Mom Friends

Dear fellow mom….let me make this simple…if you are perfect, we can’t be friends. I have no room for a perfect mom friend in...

To My Mom Friends Who Move Away

Every time you leave, I am always sad to see you go. It is difficult to see a mom friend leave. Mom Friends It is a...

A True Friend Will Ask To Read Your Book

A couple of days ago, I met an old high school friend for coffee at the Alley in Moorpark. We couldn’t decide how many...
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