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A True Friend Will Ask To Read Your Book

A couple of days ago, I met an old high school friend for coffee at the Alley in Moorpark. We couldn’t decide how many...

Coffee + A Good Cry, Anyone?

When was the last time you sat across from a friend over a good cup of coffee and got lost in conversation?  Or have...

Call Me…Maybe?

I miss my friends! I miss going out together. I miss laughing over funny stories, shenanigans that our kids have done throughout the years,...

Why You Need MOPs & MOPs Needs You

I don’t like the word tribe. It’s a trendy, overused word that needs to be retired in 2022 (along with adulting, the use of littles...

I Have Enough Friends

"I have enough friends".... Yep, I have actually heard these exact words come out of someone's mouth. After I got over the shock of the...

Can We Get Together?

Can We Get Together? Laughing in the front seat together as we roll down the road together. Sharing hopes and dreams over a glass of...
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