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Conversations About Tech Use to Avoid Conflict

Framing Conversations About Tech Use to Avoid Conflict Conversations about tech use fuel family conflict. Carefully framing conversations is critical to supporting open, honest and...

Giving Up Social Media For 6 Months – Part 2

After Mother’s Day, I had tried to give up social media for 6 months. But alas, I only lasted a month and a half....

Giving up Social Media for Six Months

Around a month ago, I decided to give up social media for six months. I felt a strong conviction that I was spending too...

The Case for more Screen Time…Together

One of my sisters commented (after a unanimous group-text agreement that my balloon sleeve dress was totally reminiscent of the Puffy Shirt episode of...

Navigating Technology With Your Kids

Would you call yourself Tech Savvy? Navigating technology is a challenge and if it is a challenge for me, then how much more challenging...
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