When I went to Flagstaff last spring, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I contemplated a bit (ok, a lot) whether to fly or drive. The thought of my first flight post-2020 gave me some anxiety and I love the freedom of packing as much as I want into the car. Given it’s under 10 hours from Ventura County, it was settled. I enjoyed a solo road trip out to Arizona and discovered a terrific new city. 


Flagstaff is about 80 miles from the Grand Canyon. The beautiful mountain city offers outdoor activities, parks, shopping, and an incredible food scene. It’s a “must” when visiting the area but don’t underestimate making it an adventure all its own. The entire time I was in town I kept thinking how much my family will love it when we get a chance to visit. The coolest part? My stay at Motel Du Beau. 

Staying in Flagstaff

As automobiles became a “thing” over 90 years ago, the need for motor lodges was on the rise. As people purchased cars, they were anxious to hit the road and see the sights in a way no one had ever before. This became even more prominent when Route 66 was established and travelers began making cross-country road trips. 

Motel Du Beau is one of the original motor lodges from that exciting era. Its U-shaped driveway and retro lobby will have the kids excited instantly. I know I was! Each of their eight suites is authentic and no two are alike. I was fortunate to stay in the Family/Traveler’s Suite and as a mom can say it’s ideal for a traveling family. The highlight? The room looked right out of a 1950s Western show. It was very spacious and featured a bunk bed in the main room, a kitchenette, a bedroom with a Queen bed, and a cozy bathroom. 

Throwback lobby at Motel Du Beau. (c) Mary Farah
Fun bunk bed and entrance room in the Family Suite. (c) Mary Farah
Bedroom with a Queen bed. (c) Mary Farah

The motel has done a fantastic job at preserving the property while updating it where needed. They recently unveiled brand new accommodations with their Sunset Suite. This suite adds a level of luxury to a stay at Motel Du Beau. It features two living areas, a large bedroom, and even an office space. 

Motel Du Beau

One of my favorite things about motor lodges is the parking. I’ve never enjoyed the need to “lug” my bags to a faraway hotel room or ensure everything is gathered as I leave a structure. At Motel Du Beau, my car was right outside my door. This is vital for me when taking into account bringing Mabel along. There’s also a continental breakfast with handy grab-and-go grub like granola bars and yogurt. If after a day of exploring caffeine is needed to keep going, there’s coffee in the lobby all day. 

And, the one thing to keep into account with a stay; the pipes are very old. I was pleased to see a reminder in the bathroom for guests to turn the water on a good 10 minutes before using it. It warmed up after a bit, but good to remember if the kiddos need a wash-off. 

The Motel Du Beau is such a treasure to Flagstaff. Learn more about the motel and plan a stay HERE


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