Who’s ready to have some fun and get creative! We are thrilled to share this A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E Valentine’s Day Chalk Drawing brought to you by Kendra Parish from Kendra Doodles!  We hope you find creative places to draw this picture.  Maybe draw it on your elderly neighbors driveway.  Or put it in front of one of your favorite local, small businesses.  Wherever you draw this, we would love to see! Tag us @venturacomomcollective and @kendradoodles!

Step by Step Directions – Valentine’s Day Chalk Drawing

Step One:: Draw an oval with two smaller circles on top of the oval.

Step Two:: Add jagged triangles (like a sunshine) all around the oval.

Step Three:: Add two small “U” shaped hands and a heart the hands.

Step Four:: Right about the heart draw an upside down triangle for the nose, and two circles for eyes.

Step Five:: Time to have fun and add color to your Hedgehog. If you rub the chalk with your fingers you can make it look smooth and fill in color into the sidewalk. Add a cute Valentine’s message and don’t forget to sign your artwork with your name!  

Chalk Drawing

Happiest Valentine’s Day and hope you get lots of Hedge”Hugs”  We CAN NOT wait to see all your cute hedgehogs!!!





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