Jennifer Mustin

Jennifer Mustin
Jenny was born in Santa Monica, California. The majority of her childhood years were spent being raised in Thousand Oaks. Jenny and her husband Trevor had known each other since high school. It wasn’t until much later that they became inseparable. Jenny and Trevor were both working in Santa Monica when they crossed paths again. Jenny was a single mom and Trevor is a firefighter... now the rest is history. Together they have three wild boys and one bonus daughter. With a blended family and wanting to bring a new level of simplicity to their lives, Jenny and Trevor moved back to Ventura Country and bought a little piece of land in Simi Valley. They are the type of people who raise chickens, alpacas, donkeys, and lambs in their backyard. They build fences and fix what’s broken. Their goal is to be self sufficient, sustainable, and waste free as much as possible. Jenny homeschools their children and helps run their neighborhood Co Op preschool all while working part time. Jenny is best known for brining in any animal that needs help (even when her husband has no idea about it until after). Jenny loves being in her garden, it's where she becomes grounded and reclaims her calmness. She is the type of person that always chooses to see the best in everything, she truly loves living life to the fullest. Jenny believes at the end of the day, hands should be dirty, hair should be messy, and hearts should be full.
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