Kylah Moskowitz

Kylah Moskowitz, a mom to two girls under two. Korah, who is 2, and Karlee, who is 1. Kylah is a SAHM who enjoys being with her children and watching them grow up. When she is not busy with mom duties, she helps her husband with their small business, "Boxing for Balance". Their business provides exercise for senior citizens and people with Parkinson's Disease through a fun non-contact boxing program. Kylah has a BA in Collaborative Health and Human Service with a minor in Social Work. She is passionate about early childhood education and continues taking child development classes. Before having children, she was a preschool teacher for several years. She enjoys spending time with her family and baking. She also enjoys lying in the sun- "it is food for my soul!" Kylah grew up riding dirt bikes and camping. She hopes one day she can share those experiences with her kids. Being a young mom, Kylah feels she can contribute a lot to VCMC in many ways.
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