Tamara Miller Davis

Tamara Miller Davis
Tamara Miller Davis is an author, mother of two kidz with Z names, pet owner, fire captain's wife, substitute teacher, parent club volunteer, dance enthusiast, and U.S. Coast Guard veteran from Michigan. Tamara published her debut book "Despite the Buzz" in 2021. The colorful novel is a cautionary tale about tech's influence. She is a member of other local writing groups: the Writers and Publishers Network and Ojai Poetry Series. Tamara enjoys reading, rollerblading, downhill skiing, boogie boarding, biking, tubing, kayaking, walking her dog, listening to podcasts, traveling, going to concerts, supporting causes, and finding common ground with a variety of people. She also likes making lists. Tamara appreciates this quote from Stephen King's memoir "On Writing": "You must not come lightly to the blank page."

Children and Chores: Encouragement, Earnings, and Enrichment

A fellow Mom Collective contributor inspired me to write this article. Gia posted about being a “mean mom,” since she was encouraging her family to do chores in accordance with household needs and life...
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Imperfection = Potential

So, after I sent my last email newsletter, I found a flaw. Eek! That’s how it usually goes for me after I share something important. I look back at it and see what I...

Ojai is Happening!

When was the last time you came to Ojai (a Chumash word meaning moon)? Or maybe you live/d here? Perhaps then, you’ve seen majestic Chief’s Peak overhead or witnessed the "Pink Moment" illuminating the...

Moments with our Moms Matter: Reflections and Recommendations Regarding Grief

So, some people think staying busy is a beneficial way to cope with grief. Not me. I’m usually pretty active, so coping requires a pause. I need time to gather my thoughts and wrestle...
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We Are ALL Influencers

We are all “influencers.” What we do, say, and support makes a difference. Sometimes the effects happen in the home, school, community, region, or beyond. The other day, my thirteen-year-old son spotted his older cousin...
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Becoming an Author

So, people have asked why I got into writing and how I went about publishing a novel. For starters, I’ve always been a diarist. I journal for clarity, understanding, reflection, therapy, and documentation. You too?...
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The Joy of Camping and 4 Local Spots to Camp

Summers run long in Southern California. We might be transitioning back into school mode, but there’s still time to camp and explore while the weather is warm! Of course, there are different ways to camp...
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Summertime Intentions

Summertime Intentions What are your summertime intentions? Are you going to work, put your kids in camp, travel, or stay-cation? For my family of four, it’s all of the above. My husband is a firefighter, so work...
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Summer, Swimsuits, and Staying in Shape

Summer is coming! And with it brings swimsuit weather. Growing up in Michigan, I felt the seasonal shift. California’s temperature changes are more subtle when compared to winter’s icy Great Lakes. But still. Summer is...
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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers keep our kids safe, intellectually stimulated, and socially active. They provide thoughtful lessons and inclusive learning spaces. Teachers lead and empower students to develop themselves academically, artistically, and athletically. They organize opportunities for...