Tamara Miller Davis

Tamara Miller Davis
Tamara Miller Davis is an author, mother of two kidz with Z names, pet owner, fire captain's wife, substitute teacher, parent club volunteer, dance enthusiast, and U.S. Coast Guard veteran from Michigan. Tamara published her debut book "Despite the Buzz" in 2021. The colorful novel is a cautionary tale about tech's influence. She is a member of other local writing groups: the Writers and Publishers Network and Ojai Poetry Series. Tamara enjoys reading, rollerblading, downhill skiing, boogie boarding, biking, tubing, kayaking, walking her dog, listening to podcasts, traveling, going to concerts, supporting causes, and finding common ground with a variety of people. She also likes making lists. Tamara appreciates this quote from Stephen King's memoir "On Writing": "You must not come lightly to the blank page."

Storytelling and Listening

Recently, I was listening to a podcast interview with a writer, and the author said to the host, “stories build connections.” It’s true. The act of writing can feel isolating, but publishing or sharing a...
woman on social media

Social Media Use: Conscientious Considerations

Have you ever thought about how you’re using social media? As a consumer, contributor, or parent? Personally, I enjoy coming up with clever captions for posts. On occasion, I share photos with (and of) family...
New Year's Resolution

Saying NO to Typical New Year’s Resolutions

No! I’m saying no to traditional New Year’s Resolutions. No To New Year's Resolutions. Maybe I’ll just revisit previous promises or go with the flow. But I cannot elongate my to-do list! It already has babies. And...

Homemade Holiday Gifts

Have you ever given someone a homemade holiday gift? A Favorite Christmas Memory One year, my family members only gave each other inventive presents. This resulted in some of my favorite Christmas memories in California…pre-kids. The year...

Let’s Dance!

One-to-three, turn; one-to-three, step. Dance is my extracurricular activity, exercise, and girl time. As a mom, I think it’s important to have all three. Let's Dance Dancing involves cardio, coordination, creativity, and composure. Plus, it helps build...

Finding Focus

Sometimes as a kid, I’d ask my dad what he was doing, and he’d reply, “I’m thinking.” At the time, I thought this was the most ridiculous statement! And then, I became a parent. I'm...
women walking

Walk and Talk: Moms on the Move

When was the last time you had a real conversation with a girlfriend? Not a text exchange. Not an email. Not a social media comment. But a heart to heart? So Many Tasks As busy moms,...
fire season

Fire Season, Fire Service, and Fire Families

As I write this, my husband is driving in 116 degree heat through Arizona while being rerouted to a new wildfire assignment. We are 11 days out from our son’s 12th birthday and within a...
mom camp

Mom Camp

SUMMER is coming. What are your PLANS?? This is the question I keep hearing among moms. And for the first time in years, I don’t have a concrete plan (mostly because I’ve been busy with...

Showing Interest and Showing Up

Showing Interest and Showing Up Recently, I stood in front of a class of 6th graders at a public middle school where I was substitute teaching in Ventura. Their usual teacher was out sick. I...