Gluten Free!

It has been a hot topic over the last couple of years.  Rather you are newly diagnosed Celiac or love someone who needs to eat gluten free, it can be tricky finding a safe place to eat with gluten free options. And even harder to find somewhere to eat that the gluten free options are great. But we’ve got you covered with this list we compiled of some gluten free options to check out.

BUT FIRST!!! Please promise me that you will do the following!

  1. ALWAYS let the restaurant know you have a food allergy!
  2. Check and read the ingredient list whenever possible for yourself.
  3. If worried about cross contamination, make sure to ask about the facility.
    (DISCLOSER:  You know your diet needs more than anyone else, please check with the restaurants for your specific needs before eating there. This article is not written by a medical or nutrition expert. Please also check with the each location, as information and cooking protocol can change after publishing this article.)


  1. BJ’s Brewhouse – Here you can find a delicious gluten free crust and some great things to go with it.  Let me just say BJ’s Berry Burst Cider and gluten free pizookies. 
  2. California Pizza Kitchen – The restaurant offers a variety of toppings on their certified gluten free pizzas.  Their website states, “These gluten-free pizzas are prepared using the strict procedures approved by The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), using a certified gluten-free crust and other ingredients verified by our suppliers as gluten-free.”
  3. MOD Pizza – You can now choose between a gluten free crust or cauliflower crust.  Ingredients for both crust can easily be found on their website but here is the list for the gluten free crust – water, rice flour, modified rice starch, potato starch, sugar, tapioca starch, potato flour, canola/olive oil blend, yeast, salt, xanthan gum, culture brown rice.
  4. Pizza Revolution – We give major props to this establishment on being so detailed on what a gluten free experience will look like here.  Diners will be asked if it is a preference or intolerance.  If it is an intolerance, a different cooking procedure will be followed. The details can be viewed at,based%20flour%20instead%20of%20wheat.
  5. The Original Pizza Cookery – Oh my, not only does this restaurant offer gluten free pizzas but also gluten free herb breadsticks.  And don’t forget to look at their assortment of gluten free baked goods.
  6. Winners Pizza – Gf pizza and pasta.


  1. Red Robins– Not only do they have the best gluten free bun in my opinion, many of the locations have a dedicated fryer for the gluten free fries.  Make sure you check before ordering at your location. 
  2. All About Those Burgers – Has gluten free options. 
  3. Islands – With unique burger combinations to add to your gluten free bun.
  4. The Habit Burger Grill – has great GF safe guidelines to look at.


  1. Sticky Fingers Baking Company – you won’t regret scrolling through their list and pictures of gluten free baked goods. 
  2. Sugarbox Donuts – A great place to get gluten free and vegan donuts.
  3. Ring Baked Tofu Donuts – you will be so excited about all the choices they offer because all of their tofu donuts are gluten free.
  4. Karma Bakery – Wow! The choices at this location will blow your mind.  Your sweet tooth won’t be disappointed here.
  5. Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters – grab yourself a coffee and do yourself a favor and grab their gluten free take and bake cinnamon rolls.  Make sure to call ahead to see if it is available for that day.
  6. SunOven Gluten Free Baking Company – this wholesale company is on a mission to provide great gluten free products. Their products can be bought inside Beacon Coffee in Ojai.
  7. Ma Dukes by LA Roots – this one might be a bit of a drive but they offer something hard to find in the gluten free world….BEIGNETS! They offer gluten free beignets AND gluten free churro beignets. 


  1. Leo’s Superfood Vegan Cafe – the place is 100% gluten free and vegan!  
  2. P.F. Changs – Has GF options available. 
  3. Chick Fil A – Has GF options available. 


  1. CJ’s Urban Cafe – GF breakfast wraps.
  2. Coco’s – GF pancakes.
  3. Hidden Cafe – GF pancakes and Belgian waffles.
  4. Ragamuffin – GF cinnamon rolls (call ahead to make sure they are available.)
  5. Country Harvest in Newbury Park!! They have gluten free French toast.

Happy Eating!

Happy eating!! We hope you can find something delicious from the list above. And if we missed an amazing restaurant that offers gluten free items make sure to let us know! 


  1. This post is super helpful!! I’ve been gluten free and mostly plant-based now for several years. Lots of new places I’ve added to my list to check out!


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