This year’s wanderlust is at an all-time high. Normally my family would be on some amazing trip……..but let’s be honest, nothing is really normal about this year. And I have noticed that people are crushed they can’t go on that fabulous vacation. Some families have been planning for months or maybe even years. 

Even though last year was a much harder year for me mentally and physically I did manage to hop on a plane and go back to my favorite exotic destination. I am reminded that the ocean can heal you.  Could just a trip to a local beach still be a win for my family?

A Normal Year

My husband’s favorite line every year is, “you love dragging me somewhere!”  Well this year I’ve heard zero complaints. We’ve really had to learn how to think outside the box and channel our creativity this year.

Months of being in quarantine have passed and I noticed my poor daughter’s with long faces. The longest adventure they were having was walking from their bedroom to the living room for a Zoom session of school.

Now understand, I have built up quite a reputation for finding fun things for kids to do. But I was completely stomped!!   Nothing is open! Are we supposed to stay in our home forever?

My brain hurts.

This is so not me.

My children need vitamin D.

The ocean cures everything. So, we are headed to the beach. 

Living In California

Living in California we have been to the beach dozens of times, if not hundreds.

Why would this be anything different?

But I remembered a post I saw on a local foodie group that I belong to. A lady had posted how she had gone to the beach and ate some delicious food. It was only a cheeseburger. But it was the most exciting cheeseburger I had ever seen!! I checked where this awesome beach is located and where to find this fabulous burger place! My family had to go there!

The Ocean Wins Again

Jamala beach is just an hour past Santa Barbara. It is a beautiful drive. Who doesn’t need an excuse to drive down the 101 Highway to see the Ventura beach waves crashing against the sand? There’s no fighting traffic right now, due to the pandemic. A win, win!!That’s it,  we are driving down to our new little secluded paradise.

The ocean has healed us once more. Yes, the ocean wins again. 


    • I did eat it the burger!! It was so yummy. There was a group of vicious greedy seagulls that were quite disappointed!!


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