Another school year has come and gone. Another year full of early mornings, extracurricular activities, new friendships, carpool shenanigans, homework, school clubs, grades.  So many things make up the school year and now that it is coming to an end. We should all celebrate the small and big victories the year brought along.

But how can you celebrate the end of the school year?

I am all about celebrating wins, big or small. Life is too short to not throw confetti in the air for all the moments we live through. Whether you have kids who started Kindergarten this year, or Seniors getting ready to take on College…these are milestones to celebrate together.

Celebrating the End of a School Year

Here are some ideas on how you and your family can commemorate another school year:

1. Work on your summer bucket list.

Create a bucket list worth enjoying with the whole family. Whether it is beach days, hikes or road trips you all deserve to enjoy the much-deserved break. Creating a fun bucket list will allow everyone in your family to give input on possible summer activities they would love to enjoy.

2. Last day of school party.

Plan ahead and have your kid’s close friends or the whole class join in for a last day of school party. Whether it is at your local park, community center or at home throw a fun party to get everyone ready for summer. You can also talk to other parents and ask for help if the task seems a bit daunting. Get all parents involved to help with a dish (pot-luck style), get some graduation décor or summer decorations and have fun!

3. Enjoy the memories.

Put together a slideshow of all the fun school memories your kids were able to make this past year. From school field trips, to photos with friends. Maybe have their teachers make a cute video wishing them well, this would be great for Seniors or kids graduating from Elementary or Middle School.

4. Cheer everyone on.

Get together with all the parents at the bus stop, put some music on, throw confetti in the air and wait for all the kids to get off the bus ready to start summer vacation. This will sure put everyone in a good mood including the bus driver I bet!

5. Make it old-school.

I say old school because we used to do this when I was in middle school. Get a white plain tee and have all their friends sign the shirt. I used to love doing this, having all sorts of encouraging words, happy faces and names in different colors all over my shirt was such a highlight.

6. Nothing screams summer like camping.

Why not have a camp out in the yard? Take the tent out, make S’mores, share stories while enjoying time together. Such a great way to say farewell to another school year and bring on all the summer feels.

7. Don’t forget to capture the moment!

The first day of school you take photos of the kids ready to take on a new year full of learning and fun…well now it is the time to take end of year photos and see how much they have grown and all the differences you can spot. You can also take group photos of your kids with their friends for them to cherish.

8. Create a time capsule.

Every year as school comes to an end have your kids gather some of their favorite things or items, they would like to place in a time capsule. Imagine doing this from earlier on and opening Senior year? How amazing it would be to find all the different trinkets and things they’ve had interest in throughout the years.

9. Are you familiar with a “Yes Day”?

If not, a Yes Day is when you allow your children to do all the things they want for the day. Of course, you can set important ground rules. See what your kids choose to do or not to do and have fun allowing them to plan a day full of fun to celebrate the last day of school.

10. Goodies’ basket!

This is a fun way to celebrate accomplishments. Get all of their favorite treats and place them in a cute basket as a surprise. Think of all the things they would love to receive and add a cute name tag to them.


No matter how you choose to celebrate the end of the school year it is always fun to get creative and support our children’s achievements. Ending the school year is a milestone and we know that our children go through many ups and downs while learning all new information, working on friendships and doing the best they can. A little celebration will be welcomed and so loved!

Written By:Dani Valdez

Kids celebrating the end of the school year


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