I will always love you…

I may not always like you, but I promise I will always love you.

I Kinda Don’t Like You

There will be times and stages in your kid’s lives, where you may not necessarily like them. And let’s take a moment and be honest. Have you tried to love a screaming toddler at the height of the world’s largest tantrum in the middle of the grocery aisle with tons of judging people staring down the aisle at you, with that look. You know the look I am talking about right? 

Or maybe you have a highly independent child that will not get dressed in the outfit you laid out for them this morning. Watching them lay on the floor refusing to get dressed as you watch the minutes tick by with each clicking sound of the clock.You just know that if they do not get dressed soon, you are going to be late to school and work today!

Or maybe you have an eye rolling tween or teen at home that tells you daily that you have no idea what you are talking about. And there is no way they are going to listen to one thing you have to say yet again. That moment when you are reminding yourself to take a deep breath and pause before the words begin tumbling out of your mouth.

I’ve Been There

There were lots of moments as my girls were growing up and maturing, and let’s face it, maybe even now, there are still days that can be VERY challenging! Can I just say three letters… PMS with two girls in the house. Ugh! 

Life is filled with moments that you can look at your offspring that somehow you gave birth to and think how did I give birth to this (fill in the blank)??

These are the times that I remind myself. I may not always like you or the things that you do, but I will always love you! You, my child, will always have a piece of my heart, regardless of whatever you do. So when I face the moments that are sure to come, I repeat this phrase, I may not like you right now, but I will always love you!

As I watch you throw one of the loudest, craziest full on temper tantrums on the ground in the middle of the store, as person after person looks down the aisle at me, judging me and my parenting skills. I really don’t like you right now, but I still love you!

When you wet your pants right after I just sat with you on the toilet for the last hour. I really don’t like you at this moment, but I still love you!

Or as I watch the minutes click by on the clock and you come home late after curfew…again! I really don’t like you right now, but I still love you!

As I read your note again…the one that says you ran away with the latest boyfriend to elope together in Vegas without talking with me. I really don’t like you, but I still love you!

The Days Are Long

The days are long, but the years are short. With each passing moment, you and I grow a little more each day. We won’t always agree, I am sure there are many more arguments and battles that will be fought. Please know that there will be days you won’t like me and there will be days I won’t like you! 

However my child, you can always count on one thing that will always be constant, no matter what!

I will always love you! 

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Laura Miller
Laura was born in California and hasn’t moved far since, a true California girl at heart. She and her husband John have been happily married for 25 years. They are blessed with two amazing daughters, Allison (20) is attending college locally and is studying to become a Nurse and Kristina (16) is finishing her Junior year of High School and already dreaming big dreams. Their last member of the family is a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Stewie. He is the attempt to help balance out the female hormones and not sure that worked out for her husband. Each day, Laura and John strive to support each other and hopefully not mess up too badly as they raise their girls in this crazy world.


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