Jessica Brandon

Jessica moved to Ventura less than three years ago from San Diego, where she lived for the past 20 years. Married in 2004 she began a fertility journey to start the family she always dreamed of. In 2007 she lost her husband to a chronic illness. For the next 8 years, now single, she focused on her career and the hope of being a mother someday. Six months before her 40th birthday she decided to manifest her own destiny and she became a Foster parent. Her son Luke (now 7) was placed with her at 14 months old and adopted when he was 4. Once in Ventura Jessica met her partner James, a retired Dermatologist. They dated and quickly became a blended family with James' two adult children Christa and Harrison. In October of 2021 the family received a surprise, Luke had a full biological sister who was 3 days old and she needed a home. Five days later they picked up a sweet tiny girl Ella (22 months) who will, hopefully, be adopted very soon. Jessica has a full-time career as a fundraising events planner, helping nonprofits fulfill their missions with the vital funds needed. She is a singer, and former musical theatre director, but only performs lullabies these days. Her family can be found most Saturdays at the Downtown Farmers Market, lunching at Peirano’s or at the Harbor feeding the birds and having ice cream on a hot day...or any day really.
Adopting a Child

Let’s Talk Adoption

In 2014 I began a journey that would forever change my life. A myriad of factors led me to the doors of the San Diego Health and Human Services Department, to attend a class “What...
family outside enjoying autumn

Simply Fall!

Simply Fall! It’s Fall. Pumpkin spice, family photos in comfy sweaters, harvest festivals, Halloween costumes and more. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, starting with my birthday in September all the way through...
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