Thank you Behavior Frontiers for providing this information to help all families enjoy the celebrations.

The 4th of July is coming up and will be filled with bbq’s, family gatherings, parties and so much yummy food. And as the sun sets and the day comes to an end, the firework shows will start.  Many families enjoy the celebrations during the day and night, but what if you have a child or host a child with sensory issues?

We are thankful that Behavior Frontiers is sharing 5 tips for celebrating the 4th of July with children with sensory issues.

Sensory Sensitive 4th of July

Prepare In Advance

Prepare your child in advance for the things they might see. Look for online videos of fireworks displays, and watch them with your child. If your child responds well to story books, try reading them a story about what will happen on the Fourth! Anything you can do in advance will help your child to better manage their expectations appropriately.

Viewing Options

If you plan to attend a large fireworks display, do your research in advance. Choose the show with the most variety in viewing areas. Children who cannot tolerate crowds or noise can benefit from a fireworks show viewable from a vehicle.


Keep Accommodations Close

Whether you will be celebrating at home or at an event, prepare the accommodations that your child might need to keep them happy. This could include ear covers or plugs, a weighted vest or blanket, or eye covering. Gather some items that help with your child’s stress, such as fidgets, preferred toys, or treats.

Alternative Celebration

Consider an alternative celebration. If your child understands the concept of birthdays, think about throwing a birthday party for America. Explain to your child that this is America’s birthday, and make or serve flag themed or patriotic food. Buy or make some plain sugar cookies and decorate them in patriotic colors with your child! The possibilities are endless.

Back Up Plan

Enjoy the celebration the best way possible! Going in with an open mind and back up plan will allow everyone to have a great event.

4th of July

We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July. Every family and every child deserves to enjoy the celebrations. And if you have a child with sensory issues, we hope these 5 tips from Behavior Frontiers helps your child celebrate all day and night long.

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family enjoying 4th of July celebration


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