Guest Writer

Guest Writer

Our Little Family is Mixed

Our little family is mixed. Plain and simple. Our little family is full of love. Plain and simple. Our little family understands that everyone is different. Plain and simple. Our little family believes that we should always...
Flags at gravesite

Memorial Day: The Meaning of Coins at Gravesites

The Meaning of Coins at Gravesites If you have ever been to a Veterans cemetery during Memorial Day then you might have noticed the coins placed on gravestones. Placing coins on graves is a Military...

Walking on Eggshells- A Friendship Red Flag

It is such a sad story to live a life where you cannot be completely who you are due to how others might take what you say with a mind created tone. It is...
mom with pencils

To the Mom Heading Back to School

To the mom heading back to school: Wow, did you ever think this day would come? After years and years of raising babies and making a house a home you are finally here. You have sacrificed...
Keep cool

Summer Heat Wave – Staying Cool + Entertained

Summertime is here and kids everywhere are looking forward to an abundance of fun. However, every time summer rolls around the possibility of experience a major heat wave  can ruin plans. Experts advise to stay indoors,...
Mother and child - Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)- Understanding the Benefits

The Power of Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects millions of individuals worldwide, presenting unique challenges that can impact various aspects of their lives. Fortunately, advances in therapeutic approaches have brought...
family enjoying 4th of July celebration

Celebrating 4th of July with Children with Sensory Issues

The 4th of July is coming up and will be filled with bbq's, family gatherings, parties and so much yummy food. And as the sun sets and the day comes to an end, the...

No Tricks, All Treats- 4 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

The Last-Minute Mummy I have a confession: I typically plan my Halloween costume either the day of, or a couple of hours before show time. EEEEK! I know, so bad! But can we just all agree...

Breaking Up With Your Toxic Family

“If you love me, you don’t have to hate her. And if you love her, you don’t need to hate me.” -Meghan Markle Binary thinking is a one way ticket to failure. The most...
Family Making funny faces

The Everyday Chaos

Dear survival mode parent, To anyone reading this who is currently searching for balance-Take a deep breathe in...Because it isn't here, friend.Embrace the madness. Welcome the meltdowns. And invest in a good pair of running...